Positive Impact of Talkspace in Mental Health Treatment

Talkspace was formed about a decade ago and is based in the city of New York. It offers online and on mobile therapy, through their licensed therapists. The company was started after a great experience in treatment to couples that transformed their marriages. It developed from a group platform to a company that offers online therapy. It has a highly professionalized and licensed therapists’ treatment center.

Michael Phelps has also partnered with Talkspace and is working towards making therapy the best tool in helping people to improve their mental health. He shares the challenges he has faced in life and hence encouraging people to come out and speak openly about their psychological welfare.

Michael Phelps is of great benefit to the Talkspace. He is dedicated to removing the discredit on therapy hence getting rid of the obstacle for those in need. He believes that enabling clients to be open about their problems can help them to gain strength and the ability to deal with their mental issues. Check out opencounseling.com to learn more about Talkspace

The platform is very beneficial to clients in that it offers unlimited texting. Professional therapists can reply to their clients following the plan. The therapists are highly trained on how to respond to the clients’ questions. Privacy and confidentiality of clients are highly maintained in Talkspace.

Talkspace is efficient in that it caters for its clients’ needs without them having to travel for long distances or even going abroad to access their services. It is accessible to people in rural areas and also people who may experience mental problems while traveling.

Clients can work together with their therapists on their mental health and the life challenges they may be facing and set goals that help them through healing. The therapists consistently assess’ goals set by clients and follow up on their healing process.

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TMS Health Solutions Offers a Unique Anti-Depression Treatment

There are between 14-17% of people who will suffer an episode or more of clinical depression. For these sufferers it is often difficult to find a medication that works. Depression often does not respond to just one medication, and it can take some trial and error to find the correct combination. The time it takes to find relief can often be overwhelming for patients who are already in a great deal of anguish. For over half of those patients, no combination of medications and talk therapy will work. For those who have a chemical imbalance that is causing their symptoms, talk therapy may help, but it will not provide any true relief. These patients have what is known as TRD, or treatment resistant depression.

TMS Health Solutions has created a range of treatment options. They use traditional medications, and they have a team of physicians who have been working in the mental health field for decades. They are also focused on alternative treatment methods. TMS, or Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation is their field of expertise. This treatment involves attaching an electromagnet over an area of the brain associated with mood regulation. It has been cleared by the FDA as a viable solution to depression. It requires no surgery, and patients are treated on an out-patient basis. Patients sit in a comfortable chair, and they can watch TV while the process is carried out. They can leave after the procedure, and they will be able to carry out normal tasks immediately. TMS does not have any of the side effects that medication can have. For very few people, it can feel slightly uncomfortable while it is in contact with the skin.

The facilities are overseen by Richard Bermudes, MD, and there are two locations in San Francisco and one in Sacramento and one in Walnut Creek. There is a team of highly qualified psychiatrists and a neurologist that work at all four locations.

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