The History of Cotemar and Services Offered

Cotemar is arguably the largest provider for the oil and natural gas industry of Mexico. The company was established in the year 1979 and has since been dealing only in the delivery of products and services to the Mexican energy industry. Here are some things you need to know about this energy company.





Cotemar has been around for 38 years now. When the company initially opened its doors, it only offered two serves. The company offered food and accommodation services and also specialized vessels. With the years, the company has expanded to have more vessels and rigs added to their fleet. Also, they have expanded their service portfolio. The company today boasts of two semi-submersible rigs that enable it to offer construction, engineering and maintenance services.



Services and Subsidiaries


This subsidiary operates rigs and vessels meant to deliver food and refreshments to employees. They have a capacity able to serve more than 4,000 employees. The accommodation vessels that are managed by this subsidiary have laundry services, common areas, housekeeping and catering service. They also contain cabins that can accommodate 2 persons and others accommodating 4 persons. Employees of the energy industry can enjoy a good rest, quality food prepared in the highest health standards and entertainment.



Apoyo Logistico Marino is the next subsidiary of Cotemar. This subsidiary is in charge of logistics. The subsidiary offers specialized maritime vessels. They operate vessels which provide maintenance services. They also maintain a fleet of vessels that provide transportation services to lightweight materials and personnel between Ciudad del Carmen and Campeche Bay. The subsidiary maintains turgs and burges that are used to transport large vessels upstream while some of their vessels are used for processing and other for specialized functions like firefighting.



For the technical work, Cotemar has Sipsa. Sipsa is the subsidiary that is in charge of the construction, maintenance and engineering works.



Work at Cotemar


If you want exposure to international standards of work environment, you should consider applying for a job at Cotemar. You can check at their website whether they have any jobs available. Cotemar employs all types of professionals including engineers, procurement officers, catering professionals, accountants, auditors, and Informational Technology Officers etc.