Jeremy Goldstein Has Always Wanted To Make A Difference And He Accomplishes This Through Various Means

Jeremy Goldstein is a professional individual who bases his operations out of New York City, New York. The reputation that he enjoys is that of a leading attorney and committed philanthropist. He has been active for many decades now and began practicing law upon the receipt of his J.D. in Law Degree that he earned at NYU’s prestigious Law School. Before studying at NYU, Jeremy was a student at both Chicago University and Cornell University. These academic studies background that he possesses has helped him greatly and allowed him to become a lawyer of great esteem in New York City and abroad. One of the reasons that Jeremy Goldstein has achieved such great success during his celebrated career as a lawyer is due to the type of legal work that he focuses on. The focus of his practice, known as Jeremy L. Goldstein and Associates, is on the world of corporate law. This includes areas ranging from the compensation of CEOs, corporate governance, mergers, and acquisitions, along with other major factors in the corporate law realm of practice. The reputation enjoyed by Jeremy Goldstein is as an attorney who will always go above and beyond the call of duty when it comes to defending the interests of his elite base of clients. This has helped him to earn a strong level of trust within his industry and it has also led to the development of his impeccable reputation.


The years that Jeremy Goldstein has spent focusing on corporate law have been very profitable and enjoyable for him. He first recognized the special need for this type of law practice after he first graduated from law school and he decided that it was a niche he would focus on and excel in. Since making this decision, he has become one of the preeminent corporate law experts in the world and has served as the lead counsel for financial giants such as JP Morgan Chase and major global conglomerates such as South African Breweries. Along the way, Jeremy Goldstein has found himself involved with some of the most significant cases in the mergers and acquisitions realm. He has also had the chance to make a major difference in the careers of many of his top CEO clients as he has worked with them in efforts to refine their business practices in terms of corporate governance. When Jeremy Goldstein takes on a client, he is always looking to find ways to insulate them against negative legal consequences, and he has the knowledge and experience to be able to do just that.


Though he is famed for his legal prowess, Jeremy Goldstein is also an individual who is highly regarded for other work that he does. Foremost among this is his charity work and his commitment to the cause of mental health awareness. He has supported the charity organization known as Fountain House for many years now as it endeavors to help those that suffer from mental illness. As a part of his work, Jeremy Goldstein has organized fundraisers that bring in many thousands of dollars in order to help out.


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Jeremy Goldstein: The Notable Attorney From Jeremy L. Goldstein and Associates

Jeremy Goldstein is an attorney who has spent a considerable amount of time working with several companies and businesses who are in need of a proficient lawyer who is able to carry out their legal tasks. Goldstein stands as a notable attorney from New York City whose contribution to the field has been nothing short of remarkable. The work that he has done over the years has helped several companies attain a prominent status and is something that has helped several companies get out of the troubling situations that they are in. His contribution has been nothing short of remarkable and is also one of the reasons why he is so sought after in the field today. His knowledge and understanding of the legal sphere is nothing short of incredible, and something that has paved the way for numerous developments.


Currently, Jeremy Goldstein stands as a partner at Jeremy L. Goldstein and Associates, which is a law firm operating within New York City. The law firm is known for offering sound advice to individuals and upper-level management of companies who are currently facing some form of legal trouble and need legal aid to help them through the process. The company is especially known for the work that they are able to do for transformative businesses who are moving into new avenues and who need a company that can help them through this entire process.


Jeremy Goldstein currently stands as the chairman of Mergers and Aquisitions and has worked for most of his life within this sector. His knowledge and understanding of the field go well beyond what most people tend to showcase and is something that people are in awe of when it comes to the kind of work that he does and the impression that he has made.


The qualifications that Jeremy Goldstein holds are one of the reasons why he has emerged as such a prominent name within the industry. He attained a degree from New York University and also holds a degree from Cornell University. He then went on to attain a master’s degree from the University of Chicago. Being a part of these institutions gave Jeremy Goldstein an edge over others in the industry and gave him the push that he needed to truly establish himself as a well-regarded lawyer and someone who wants to work for the benefit of his clients.


The work that Jeremy Goldstein has done through the course of his career has been nothing but incredible, especially when it comes to the numerous clients that he has worked for over the years. His positive contribution has helped the company attain a positive recognition for being a company that is able to offer impeccable services to its clients, helping them with their legal woes.


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Military Leadership Leads to Business Success

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James Reese, the owner and founder of TigerSwan brings his experience as a decorated combat leader to the business. His unique experience has proven to be an asset when selecting staff and charting the course for the business. Once referred to as “one of the finest special operators in the modern military” by the Commander of Coalition Forces of Iraq and Afghanistan; it is undeniable that Reese has what it takes to lead TigerSwan while providing a much-needed service for military veterans.

Like many small businesses, the idea of TigerSwan and its business model was born at the kitchen table over coffee. The company is now a respected small business with 300 employees and operations that span the globe. A veteran small business has many challenges that James Reese is determined to get a head of. He acknowledges that the nature of his business requires that he draw from his military experience to provide leadership, guidance and moral support to employees while provided a service to the public.

James Reese fully understands risk and reward. Owning and operating a business is a risk but can yield huge rewards. One area that Reese has identified that can contribute to the success of the business is hiring the right staff. Reese seeks out employees who can see the value in the vision of the company and work towards its growth.

There are several challenges that veterans re-entering civilian life must face. They must adapt their skill set to an ever changing technological world. James Reese had these challenges in mind when he formed tigerSwan. Starting a business is no small feat. In many cases there is limited starting capital and high barriers to entry. One thing that worked in Reese’s favor is that he is classified as a disabled veteran which opened funding opportunities for the new company.

At the time of the formation of TigerSwan, the Department of Defense was seeking out contractors to provide support services. Because of the company’s vision and Reese’s accountability, TigerSwan was awarded a contract which provided the working capital needed to form and ultimately grow the company. Reese reinvested the money from the contract into the business to improve business systems and recruit capable staff.

When in the military, Reese was given come of the military’s best soldiers to lead in the most challenging circumstances but now with his business, he had the task of selecting the best. Along with recruiting capable staff comes compensation. It can be challenging to pay top-notch people a top-notch salary; especially when the business is new. Reese looks for staff who can properly represent the core values of the company and he balances out the lack of experience with ongoing training. Employees who are early in the career are often eager to gain experience and will take advantage of opportunities for training and growth.

For example, Reese recruited an intern to assist with finances. After the completion of the internship, the student was offered a part time opportunity with TigerSwan. The student initially worked on financial tasks. It was dual benefit because the student got the experience and the TigerSwan got a young, innovative employee who was committed to his professional development and the development of the company. With hard work and dedication, the once part time intern now holds and upper management position with the company.

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Todd Levine: One of the Most Respected Lawyers in Florida

There are many law firms operating currently in the United States, but the Kluger, Kaplan, Silverman, Katzen & Levine, P.L. Law Firm stands out because of the number of business clients whom they have represented through the years. Todd Levine is one of the attorneys working with the law firm, and he is satisfied with how he is performing. As an attorney that represents the business sector, it is important for him to gather every detail about the case, and create a strategy that would enable him to create arguments that would protect his client.

Most of the cases that he handled in the past ended in favor of him and most of his clients are happy that they have trusted an attorney like him to handle their cases. Todd Levine is one of the premier lawyers working with the Kluger, Kaplan, Silverman, Katzen & Levine, P.L. Law Firm, and because of the competitive nature of the law firm, they have been awarded some of the highest recognition in the legal services industry.

Todd Levine has been bringing his own ideas to life through merging creativity with logical thinking. When he is not inside the court to represent a client, Todd Levine is busy playing with musical instruments. He is also dedicating some of his time creating artworks, and the combined focus and creativity is helping him transform his mind to better cope with the stress inside the court. When he goes back inside the court as an attorney, it would be easier for him to create strategies that can help him uncover the weaknesses of the opposing party. It can also enable him to point out some flaws on the arguments of the opposing team, much to the delight of his clients.

Todd Levine is also telling his clients about the importance of being prepared, especially if they will be facing the judges inside the court. As an attorney, he would advise his clients to look for pieces of evidence that can help them with the case, and in the end, the results are in their favor. Today, many people are flocking to his law firm and asking him to represent them in court.

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How Jeremy Goldstein Ensures That His Workday is Productive

Jeremy Goldstein is a partner at the law firm of Jeremy L. Goldstein & Associates LLC. Goldstein specializes in the matters of corporations, compensation activities, and C-level execs. The focus of his practice revolves around compensation issues arising from organizational changes or sensitive scenarios.

Jeremy Goldstein has to cater to high profile clients that are considered large scale entities. Due to the nature of his work and the type of clients that he deals with, he has to be on top of every little detail to be able to deliver on expectations.

Since the work of Jeremy Goldstein is so nuanced, it is extremely important that he has his days planned to the very last minute in order to deal with his high profile clients with ease. Keeping this in mind, Goldstein recently sat down with a publication to discuss how a productive day actually comes together for him.

Jeremy Goldstein on What Makes for a Productive Day

Jeremy Goldstein mentioned that since his work requires advising his clients on whether or not they should go with a certain level of compensation, it requires immense planning and dedication on his part to be able to cater to such inquiries.

Jeremy Goldstein mentioned that he first of all has to ensure that his bedside manner is according to what the job demands. Since the matters are sensitive, he has to break down offers for his clients into explainable yet accurate figures, and sometimes also needs to build those figures himself.

Keeping this in mind, Jeremy Goldstein mentioned that he has to have the following things in check to be able to provide a productive workday.

  • Advising skills.
  • Negotiating skills.
  • Drafting skills.
  • Time management skills.

By harnessing this skillset, Jeremy Goldstein is able to get the kind of results that are expected out of a lawyer of his stature.

Coming down to what actually contributes to productivity, Jeremy Goldstein mentioned that it is not a single aspect. Instead of one thing that ensures productivity on its own, the above skillset coupled with his experience and education is what makes up for a productive day.

It is because productivity depends on the speed that Goldstein works at, and also the number of cases that he can handle in a day. By making sure that he is able to make use of his skillset, he is able to handle a number of cases each day and achieve productivity with ease.

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Alex Pall’s Musical Journey

Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart are an awesome dual together forming the Chainsmokers. Alex Pall has been a DJ while growing up. He was DJing around the New York city thus building on his career. To him being a Dj was a hobby and as important as work. While pursuing his passion, he realized that it was part of him Alex quit his job and focused on doing music full time with the help of his manager. After sometime Alex was introduced to Drew through his manager, who in turn moved from Maine.

Alex and Drew’s meeting before they decided to work together was mainly based on what each of them wanted and adapted musically while growing up. Sharing their ambitions and what type of music was working at that time directed them to the kind of music they will venture in to. With time, through gigs, Alex witnessed the incredible talent Drew had in producing music. They slowly got to learn each other’s preferences through weekly meetings. They perfected their trade and with time have become bigger than anyone could have imagined.

The Chainsmokers have been working with songwriters to write songs where they pitch in ideas about themselves and guide them through writing the songs but they write some of them on their own. Pall expressed how excited he is that their music is going international. He is quite pleased with the positive comments on social media where he realized that people from all walks of life are enjoying their music.

Pall admits that being in the live shows is a changing experience. They get the challenge to expand their music with the increasing audience. He gives an example of their song Selfie which made them go around the world not only once since they wanted to bring different things on the table. Each new song challenges them to form new experiences to attract an audience.

Jeremy Goldstein, Not Just a Corporate Lawyer, But Passionate About The Fountain House

The Fountain House was founded by six like-minded individuals that were patients at the Rockland State Hospital in Orangeburg, New York. Their goal was to support those that suffered with mental illness. Four years after it was founded, those same six individuals purchased their permanent dwelling, that came with a fountain and a garden. That is how Fountain House got its name.

Jeremy Goldstein is on the Board of Directors and has been since 2010. Goldstein, Jim Finkel, and Omar Khan hosted a wine and dine event that supports the Fountain House and awareness of mental illness. The House was founded on getting individual’s support and help that suffer with mental illness.

The event offered a delicious dinner paired with the finest of wines. Each ticket cost $3,700 and every dollar raised at the event went to the Fountain House and it’s continued support for the men and women that suffer from mental illness.

Mental illness has always been under funded and so many that are afflicted with this feel like they are completely alone. The Fountain House takes in hundreds of people annually. They teach those afflicted how to live each day and be productive in society while getting them the mental health help they need. Each of the members work in one area or another within the Fountain House. Read more: Jeremy Goldstein | Facebook

They are taught a wide variety of things like communication, skills to gain employment outside of the Fountain House, and how to be self sufficient. More than 85% was unemployed, but with the help of Fountain House, employment has rose to 42%. Most of the members there can maintain a dwelling, employment, and retain relationships with family and friends.

Jeremy Goldstein worked at a large law firm in New York City prior to founding his company, Jeremy L. Goldstein & Associates LLC. His involvement within the firm was actively handling corporate transactions through the past decade.

They’re numerous large corporations that his firm works closely with and some of those corporations are Duke Energy, Kinder, Morgan Inc., and Bank One Corporation. Jeremy Goldstein is listed as a leading executive compensation lawyer by The Chambers USA Guide to America’s Leading Lawyers for Business and The Legal 500 list.

The Fountain House is nationally praised for it’s work with individuals that they have helped over the years. The former New York Commissioner of Health, Dr. Nirav Shah and the New York City Commissioner of Veteran Affairs, Loree Sutton are two of the most recognized individuals that know the impact that the Fountain House has made and shows continued support in their works with individuals that suffer from mental illness.

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