How GPB Global Resources Reached Its Current Stature Under Its Leadership

Helmed by founder and managing director Boris Ivanov, GPB Global Resources B.V. is a Netherlands-based oil exploration and production firm. While it is based in Europe, the company focuses on running exploration and extraction projects in South America and Africa due to the regions’ natural richness in resources.

Due to its focus on these continents, GPB GR has extensive experience in running its projects in various countries located within them. But even with its projects currently running in multiple locations with a profound level of success, the company’s leadership isn’t shy of admitting that fulfilling its objectives comes with its own set of challenges.

What GPB Global Resources Finds as the Most Challenging Aspects During Its Projects

GPB Global Resources is currently running an exploration and subsequent extraction project in the Gewane region of Ethiopia. During this venture, the company has identified the challenges it faces with extractive trends within the region. But at the same time, it also points out how it is able to navigate its way through them with indisputable success.

Laws and Regulations. The first challenge that is quite clear are the local laws and regulations that have to be complied with in each African country. While the policies are difficult to fulfill, GPB Global Resources has been able to comply with them under the leadership of MD Boris Ivanov.

Local Infrastructure. The lack of infrastructure in remote exploration sites is another challenge that GPB GR and other companies face within the region. But in the case of GPB GR, it has been able to work through it by focusing on infrastructural development. Building water systems, land irrigation, school and healthcare facilities is all a part of resolving this issue. So far, it has worked out significantly for the firm.

Research and Development. Another issue that is faced by companies running exploration projects in the region is the need for advanced equipment. GPB Global Resources has tackled this requirement by investing into research and development, as well as hiring talent that holds experience in handling challenging situations with ease.

Through these efforts, the company has been able to run its projects in the region successfully. By these sets of suggestions, it shares its expertise and experience for those who are planning to run their own projects in the region.