Author and Medical Expert- Dr. Jonathan Rand

Jonathan Rand is a medical doctor who has specialized in aging. After his high school graduation, Dr. Rand received his medical preparation at Albert Einstein Medical Center based in New York. After receiving the knowledge of how to assist his patients to fight aging, the medical expert decides to co-established a medical institution and they named it Healthy Aging Medical Centers. The primary aim of establishing the wellness center was to assist individuals who are suffering from aging-related illness. For the period that Dr. Rand has been treating his patients most of them have been complaining of several illnesses among them low libido, insomnia, hot flashes, night sweat, depression, fatigue, as well as fatigue, and depression.


Dr. Rand together with his team of experts have been treating their patients using productive medicine which is tailor-made for each patient. Through Healthy Aging Medical Center Dr. Jonathan’s patients receive; weight loss program, anti-aging therapy, as well as fruitful medical therapy. Through research, Dr. Rand has discovered the difference between the young and the old generation and according to him, their difference lies in hormones. According to Jonathan Rand, we all have both good and bad hormones and as we grow old, the good hormones become less. The good hormones include human growth hormone, estrogen, thyroid, progesterone, testosterone, as well as DHEA. To treat aging due to loss of good hormones the anti-aging expert introduces bioidentical hormones to his patients.


Jonathan Rand is the co-founder of Healthy Aging Medical Center a medical facility located in New Jersey. As a doctor, he holds several titles including physical medicine, a physiatrist, as well as Rehabilitation doctor. The doctor has a vast experience in the anti-aging sector and he trusts that without research as well as a medical journal he cannot defend or even present a prescribed treatment. DR. Rand can be described as a role model to his patients, he has developed a strong and longterm relationship with his clients. The patients refer him as gracious, understanding, and sensitive. Jonathan Rand is also a publisher and he has written a book known as “it is too late to live 100 years”.