A Helping Hand From Rocketship Education

Low-income areas are far too common in the United States of America, where we currently live through the world’s worst spell of income inequality. While many families are left behind during hardships, some are associated with organizations that take care of their own. Many wouldn’t recognize school members, faculty, and associates having such close bonds, though families tied to Rocketship Education are never left behind in the wake of disaster.

The Proof Is In The Pudding, Not In Verbal Promises

Cesar Gonzalez is an eight-year-old student at one of Rocketship Education’s public charter schools in San Jose, California. Born to a pair of Mexican immigrants, Cesar is lucky to live in the United States, where the environment facilitates higher potential for success, better schools, and generally higher wages than in Mexico.

Dulce, Cesar’s mother, along with her husband, live near Coyote Creek, a running stream of water considerably larger than a traditional creek located in North San Jose.

In February, 2017, Coyote Creek flooded, leaving the heavily-populated area with more than 14,000 displaced residents.

Cesar, Dulce, and family were one of the households affected by the flood.

Rocketeers From All Over San Jose Were Forced Out Of Their Homes

While families in the Coyote Creek area affected by the flood could have stayed, many homes were rendered uninhabitable, effectively forcing all families out of their homes.

Cesar Gonzalez’s family unit wasn’t the only one ejected from North San Jose – households with 30 other Rocketeers, or members of the Rocketship Education extended family, were left with feelings of impending doom, wondering how they could resume their normal lives as soon as possible, if even possible at all.

Rocketship Education Came To Help

All the 30-odd families benefited from hot meals provided by faculty members, dry clothes, and other necessities.

After Rocketship Education’s network had linked together with Catholic-related charities, the $62,000 nest egg was distributed among displaced families to help get them back on their collective feet.

Rocketship Education was created in 2006, and has 17 facilities dispersed across the United States.