What Living Frugally Means When You Rent a Chicago Apartment

To live frugal means to live below your means. This helps you save money for things that you really want to do, futurewise. For example, if you want to buy a house in a few years, then living frugally in your current Chicago apartment could help you save enough cash to make that dream come true. 

Decide What You Want

What can you live without? The fourteen movie site subscriptions? The extra-speedy internet package? These are luxuries that can get expensive when you add them up over a year. Start small and banish those indulgences. You could replace the movie subscriptions with regular cable or once-in-awhile DVD rentals. You could pick up a new hobby, like doing yoga or meditation, to kick the craving to spend money you shouldn’t spend. 

You can add value to your living space without adding expenses. For instance, recycled materials, like pallets, would make awesome secondhand shelves for your living room or kitchen. You could also enhance your living space with scents and sounds, like good music that you love and candles in fragrances that make you feel happy and at peace. 

Tip: Make a list of your near-future dreams, i.e. big stuff that you would want to spend future money on. This list should help you remain frugal in your expenses. 

Advice? Take Your Questions to Beal Properties

An apartment and property investment and management company, Beal Properties uses their keen knowledge of apartment buildings and available leases to help apartment seekers find their perfect living spaces. Windy City neighborhoods are often known for historic events, delicious cuisine, or simply an awesome outdoors location with plenty of recreations. Beal manages apartment buildings throughout these neighborhoods—some of which include Lincoln Park, Logan Square, and Gold Coast. 

As for additional accomplishments, Beal Properties boasts a community commitment to Chicago foundations to help residents and locals attain a higher, better quality of life. Their compassion extends to projects like Build Chicago, Bridge to Success, and Center on Halsted. 


Contributions and Achievements of Jose AuriemoNeto at JHSF

Jose Auriemo is the managing director of JHSF based in Brazil. The company was formed by his father Robert Neto who has been a great pillar in his career journey. The company has been known to be the leading real estate company in the whole of Brazil. Some of the projects they are proud of are shopping centers, upscale hotels and also international airports. They have always tried towards finding new opportunities in the industry they operate in.

Jose AuriemoNeto has always worked towards establishing a lifetime achievement for the company. Having worked as the Chair of the BOD and the company’s CEO, he has been able to achieve great strides in his job. Under his tenure, he has been able to launch very big projects like ParqueCidadeJardim. The luxurious project sits on an 80,000 square feet land and has been able to attract a lot of businesses in it. It has also helped grow the economy of Marginal Pinheiros. The complex has residential areas, a shopping mall, apartments, offices, and other spaces.

Jose Auriemo’s development idea came up when he wanted to start the issue of developing the property but his father refused it at the beginning. Later he decided to continue and today, it is one of the most brilliant decisions that he has ever had. The project was launched in 2016 and thus was able to garner a lot of fame for the project and as a successful entrepreneur. He also featured in the fashion industry as one of the most influential businessmen.

JHSF is a company that was born out of a conflict that arises between family brothers. Roberto Auriemo decided to brand a section of the company to a real estate business whereby he would work towards achieving his goals. He worked together with his son in early 1990. The company dealt with construction but after it was listed in 2007, they decided to diversify so that they can create more value for their customers’ investments. At around 2017, the company was worth around R$1.2 billion. The achievement was a result of a massive commitment to achieve by Jose AuriemoNeto. To know more about him click here.