Kynect Is an Example of Successful Network Marketing Company


Dallas, TX-based energy services providing company Kynect was created by a passionate entrepreneur Rob Snyder in 2005. The company was one of the first few companies in the time that married a wide range of opportunities for network marketing with the sale of energy services, including electric and gas.


On May 20, 2019, Stream Energy sold its energy business to a subsidiary of NRG Energy, Inc., NRG Retail LLC. Stream Energy still owns its independent contractor network. It changed its name to Kynect and now sells energy plans offered by NRG Retail.


Kynect is an example of a successful business that incorporates strategies of network marketing while making sure more people benefit from its services. As a network marketing company, Kynect cooperates with associates throughout the world. This teamwork allows people to receive not only Kynect energy services but also earn extra income.


Besides having financial gains, associates of Kynect work for the company because they like helping people to create a more comfortable life. Most often, associates of Kynect invite their friends and family members to join the company.


Kynect offers different ways of making an income. Associates can make money by signing contracts and selling company’s services for a monthly fee. In this case, the associate earns a percentage from the company’s profit. On the other hand, an associate can invite their friends or family members and when they make their first sale, the associate earns a commission. This system of network marketing benefits all the associates within the company. Get More Information Here.


Although Kynect provides all the necessary materials and tools for the associates to earn a decent income, it cannot guarantee the exact amount each person can make. Some employees of the company put a lot of effort and work many hours while others choose to work in their leisure time. See This Page for additional information.


The benefits of working in this type of company are many. Associates work as many hours as they want, they choose their holidays and vacations, and they can work anywhere around the world. However, it is essential to mention that an associate should be willing to put energy and time to make a decent income.


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