Securus Technologies Keeping Correctional Institutions Safe from the Use of Contraband Supplies

There has been a law on using drones over high-security areas such as airports, prisons, and government buildings. But, the law has not stopped criminals from flying these drones over the premises to carry out illegal activities. If one follows the news, they would know that there is always a new report of drones being detected over prisons and how correctional officers were able to shot down some drones carrying illegal goods meant for inmates. But, it is just the tip of the iceberg. Prison officials are not equipped or trained to spot these drones that can fly at several heights without being seen. The operator can manage the drone from far off. It means that even with a thorough search of the prison perimeters, the person operating the drone might never be caught.


Drones are more than just a tool for smuggling. If they are left to be operated by the criminals for smuggling things inside the prisons, there will be a time when it can turn violent quite quickly. Most of the modern drones are created to carry a weight of anything from 20 to 30 pounds. Thus, these drones can be utilized to smuggle bombs and guns for the inmates. Once they have their hands on these weapons, the prison officials would have a difficult time bringing things under control. Thus, the time has come to install high-end systems that would allow the prison officials to detect these drones easily and also stop them at any time of the day and night without any delay.


The usage of weapons and drugs has been increasing in many of the correctional facilities across the United States. Even though there are numerous security measures and checks in places, the inmates are somehow managing to get their hands on these illegal contraband items. It is due to the increasing use of drones in the recent times. The drones are small devices that fly along with the package that needs to be transported, and once the drones are at the precise location that the inmates are informed about earlier, it drops the container in a sly fashion. The inmates carry the package that has been dropped, and the correctional officers are not able to detect such operations that hardly take a few seconds to complete.


The drones fly in the air and as the corrections’ area is spread through acres of land; it is not possible for the corrections officers to be present everywhere at every time. The drones survey the area, and after carefully ensuring that no law enforcement officer is current, it drops the contraband supplies. However, now with the drone detection technology installed in the correctional facilities, the presence of drones near the correctional facilities would be immediately notified to the corrections officers. They would shot down the drone and confiscate any contraband supplies it would be carrying.



Meet Securus Technologies CEO: Rick Smith

Securus Technologies has been the leading company in the provision of high technology. This is because of the innovative nature of the firm. The firm serves a vast number of prestigious organizations, correctional services, and inmates. The many numbers of clients are triggered by the convenient and reliable nature of the devices.

This has been facilitated by good leadership. Rick Smith, the chief executive officer of the Securus Technologies, assumed office in 2008. Since his reign began, there has been nothing but progress in the company. Smith began by changing the architecture of the firm to meet the needs of the business.

Under the leadership of Rick Smith, many developments have been in the company. The inmates are one of the greatest beneficiaries of the company. Through the company, they can keep in touch with their loved ones. This is through the tools that the company has provided the correctional facilities. The relatives say that the calls are very clear. They also say that their rates are pocket-friendly. The customer care of Securus Technologies is equally effective.

Initially, they were only audio calls. However, Rick Smith’s love for videos has led to the company innovating video calls. Rick Smith says that the visit is more effective when the two parties can see each other from the opposite sides. The users say that this has made the bond with their inmates stronger. The administration of the correctional services has also improved with Securus Technologies. The company has provided the prisons with devices that assist them in monitoring every event that takes place in cells. This has helped curb the issues of bullying that has been in the correctional facilities for a long term.

Running Securus Technology is, therefore, a task that only an intellect can undertake. Rick Smith is mightier than the job. Rick Smith’s educational background is excellent. He studies in well-known institutions when quality is concerned. Rick Smith is an MBA holder. He also has a Bachelor’s degree in Engineering and a master’s degree of the same. He also has a master in mathematics. An excellent academic background is vital to every chief executive officer. It helps understand the basics of fundamentals in business.

Then there is the experience. This is what defines the brand of a company. It also helps the company get through the competition and the hard economic times. Rick Smith has had a very excellent experience. He had worked in multiple places before landing in Securus Technologies. Rick Smith was the CEO of Eschelon-Telkom before he was appointed as the CEO of Securus. Echelon’s revenue improved tremendously during his reign. When he joined, the company’s revenue was $30 million, by the time he left it had risen to $350 million. Securus is confident that he will make the same difference with the company.