Dr. Chris Villanueva Created MB2 Dental In Order To Liven Up The Dental Industry

Dr. Chris Villanueva is the founder of MB2 Dental and has served for many years as an active practitioner in the dental industry. He started up his company with the knowledge of having served the corporate dentist sector and as a private practitioner. His company now serves and supports more than 70 affiliated dentist locations in the United States while employing more than 500 people. The idea for his company came after he graduated from dental school and was dismayed by his options. Instead of caving in to fate, he decided to build a company that would allow dentists to enjoy the best of both worlds.

Dr. Chris Villanueva was asked in an interview to reveal what makes MB2 Dental so unique, and he commented that regular dental practice management networks are boring and that they haven’t progressed in many years. His company focuses on more than just the amount of money a dentist makes and is owned by a dentist. This allows dentists to build fun networks and to grow together in an environment that is very supportive. MB2 Dental also allows dental practices to make the kinds of changes that are good for its patients. Dr. Villanueva is able to bring his ideas to life by surrounding himself with people who he sees as smart. He believes in collaborating when it comes to his ideas and always appreciates hearing perspectives outside of his own. Something that truly excited him is how technology is playing an increasingly important role in the dental industry.

As an entrepreneur in the dental sector, Dr. Chris Villanueva has found he is more productive when he doesn’t take himself too seriously. He has found that this helps him to remain flexible and to gain the trust of others, as well. He also believes that the culture of any company should produce a fun atmosphere where people can be themselves. When work is treated as something that is fun it has the chance to actually become fun. When looking back at his career, Dr. Villanueva has realized the importance of self reflection. He also believes that vacations should be spent doing something other than just sitting around. He, personally, likes to get as much outside of his normal daily life as possible so he can really appreciate his life when he comes back to it. As an entrepreneur, Villanueva believes it is best to stay focused on his industry rather than getting distracted by the next “greatest thing.” This has helped him to continue to be an innovator in his field.

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