Property Developer Wasseem Boraie Expresses His Enthusiasm About His Company’s New Atlantic City Apartment Complex

For the first time in about 50 years, Atlantic City recently had a market-rate apartment complex open. This is NoBe, which was developed and is managed by Boraie Development LLC. It has 250 units and cost $85 million. It’s near the $2.4 billion Ocean Casino Resort that also recently opened.

V.P. Wasseem Boraie, who took the lead in building NoBe, said he’s happy his company got in early on revitalizing the neighborhood it is located in. There was a lot of development around it as it was going up. The four acres Boraie Development purchased were blighted and he said the only way to handle that is to build on it. Wasseem’s father, Omar Boraie, founded Boraie Development. Wasseem says that he learned about how to see opportunities in cities from his dad. In the case of NoBe, it was about the basics of the market. Atlantic City gets millions of visitors a year and yet it remains an overlooked place to build an apartment complex. He said that earlier that day he parked his car at NoBe and saw people walking along the boardwalk and around the neighborhood. That never happened in the past. Wasseem is excited about Atlantic City and its future.

Sergey Petrossov, savvy CEO of JetSmarter

Sergey Petrossov

What would you think of someone who moved to the U.S.  with his parents at the age of four, spent his childhood managing neighborhood car washes, lemonade stands, and garage sales to make money, moved to Florida during his early teens,  attained a Bachelor of Science degree in business administration/finance from the  University of Florida, and within a few short years was named to the 30-Under-30 list at  Forbes magazine? You’d be describing the life of Sergey Petrossov. He’s the business savvy 28-year-old CEO of JetSmarter, a  Fort Lauderdale-based, a private jet transportation company.

Recently, his company raised $105 million from investors, which include such luminaries as celebrity rapper Shawn “Jay Z” Carter and the Saudi royal family. JetSmarter has an estimated worth of  $1.5 billion.

Sergey Petrossov

Speaking to its name, it truly provides a Jet Set lifestyle and destinations.  JetSmarter already flies to Europe, the United States, and the Middle East.   An expansion is planned to take in China, India, and South America. Although the corporate headquarters are in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, it currently has offices in Zurich, London, Dubai, Moscow, and Saudi Arabia.

JetSmarter has a mobile app that allows clients to charter whatever they need, despite the fact that the company doesn’t own any jets. A client can create their own charter, or travel on a private jet. The annual membership fees are a simple $14,000 to join and there are about 8,000 members, currently and more come aboard as the destinations expand. It’s an interesting and innovative business model from a savvy guy who when from lemonade to the skies.

Sergey Petrossov’s JetSmarter

Sergey Petrossov

In 2009, Sergey Petrossov had a brilliant and yet wild idea for a business. He mulled over numbers for airline travel and realized that most planes only see flight for 200 hours per year. But what if each plane could see over 1,000 hours per year? He did not know yet, but his question was about to make private travel by plane much more affordable and simultaneously more pleasant as an overall experience.

Chartering a private jet can be a costly pleasure. But JetSmarter makes it much more manageable. By merely having more available flights and multiple ticket options, and travelers can save money and time. Since private jets are not at the central, larger airports, there is no long TSA security lines and not have to deal with a commercial airport. Travelers enjoy flying with like-minded people, which gives people a much better flight experience.

Sergey PetrossovSergey Petrossov says that his company offers 120 flights per day and they connect to nearly 3,200 airports in 172 countries. Members of JetSmarter pay an annual fee of $15,000, and every year after that is $10,000. Members can make their own travel dates or can hop on an existing flight.

Even though the annual fee to JetSmarter may seem steep for some, it does not compare to the perspective of clients. Most of Sergey Petrossov’s clients are looking for a much more enjoyable and hassle-free airport experience. Travelers are not only looking at the numbers, but they are also looking at how can they make flying fun again.

How Telehealth Is Shaping The Future Of Medicine

Jack PlotkinJack Plotkin believes telehealth might be the future of the medical industry but how has it evolved over the years? Well, it dates back to the early 1950s when the only way they could perform this procedure was by answering yes or no questions about their symptoms over the phone. The doctor was then expected to try and diagnose the medical condition based on the knowledge they acquired. As you might imagine, this was not the easiest method of diagnosis but, nowadays, it has become easier with the rise of portable fitness gadgets that can keep track of your vital signs and transmit your biometrics wirelessly to the medical lab for analysis. Of course, even after they receive this information, it can still be difficult due to lack of access to EMRs.

It’s not just doctors who are struggling with this. There are many nurses who work at calling centers who also find their access to electronic medical records to be scarce. However, it seems there may be hope yet for medical professionals as they are currently working on a new platform known as Virtual Health which seeks to successfully integrate the EMRs with the rest of the medical database to make it easier to access the medical records they need. Jack Plotkin reminds people that Medicare and Medicaid do not cover these telehealth treatments nor do any of the major insurance companies. And as you would expect, these procedures tend to get pretty expensive.Jack Plotkin

As such, it is typically only affordable to those who are able to pay for it out of pocket but nevertheless society always finds a way to make these types of things more commonplace. And with new people coming on to the telehealth scene, this seems to be only a matter of time.

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HCR Wealth Advisors Reveals Updates on the Current State of the Financial Markets

HCR Wealth AdvisorsHCR Wealth Advisors has established itself as one of the most trusted financial services firms in Southern California. The firm provides regular updates on the state of the economy as well as the financial market. Recently, HCR Wealth Advisors provided important information about the position of the stock market. According to HCR Wealth Advisors, the stock market has seen very high gains and increases. As a result, the market has been very bullish over the past couple of months. However, the bond market has not been as prosperous according to the firm. Recent reports have revealed that that bond market has experienced low yields. Due to the volatile events in the financial markets, it can be difficult for investors on how to invest their assets and into what types of securities.

During the month of May, the S&P 500 Index achieved an all-time high in stock values. Shortly after reaching an all-time high, the index quickly went down and consolidated for a period of 8 weeks. In the month of July, the index was able to achieve more highs again. Many experts in the financial sector say that whenever the stock market attains high values, the overall economy is in good shape. It also indicates that the economy looks to be prosperous in the near future as well.

Whenever experts are attempting to determine the condition of the economy, it also evaluates the attitude of investors. According to the weekly AAII survey, many individual investors had an outlook that was quite bearish and this group investors were more common than ones who have a more bullish outlook. This attitude was prevalent during the months from May to July. It is a bit unusual because most investors have a bullish outlook when the market is achieving highs on a regular basis.

After revealing the latest developments in the financial markets, HCR Wealth Advisors has said that the expansion in the United States economy has been at a historic high. For 121 consecutive months, there has been positive economic growth. While there has been lots of growth, there hasn’t been an excessive amount of growth which is typical at the end of a business cycle. As a result, the economy is still looking quite strong. Inflation has remained stagnant while the stock market has not gotten overvalued. These factors now indicate a healthy economy for the foreseeable future.


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How Sergey Petrossov Improved Flying in Luxury

JetSmarter is a company in the private aviation industry. It was founded in 2012 by Russian-born Sergey Petrossov. Having flown on a private jet once, he thought there had to be a better way of booking flights and making the industry more efficient. He released the JetSmarter app which soon started to attract more flyers than any other company in the industry.

He developed several innovations. This included a shared flight service where people could book seats on private flights already scheduled on the JetSmarter app. The app gives users a way to create a flight in minutes, a process that used to take days. The app makes private air travel more affordable which means it is accessible to more people than ever before.

Sergey Petrossov introduced a revolutionary feature to his app in October 2018. Before this date, users who created a flight paid all the costs associated with it. Other people could book seats on these flights but the cost burden was still on the originator.

Sergey Petrossov

He created a crowdfunding option. If someone takes this option, everyone onboard shares in the price of the flight. Seats can be canceled before the flight is confirmed. This greatly reduced the entry-price of booking a seat on a private flight.

Sergey Petrossov grew up in the Miami, Florida, area. He was born with a drive and a passion for whatever he was doing. It was not long after graduating from college that he founded JetSmarter. This wasn’t even his first company. He started an import/export business while in high school, for example.

While in college, he founded a startup in the educational industry. He saw that Russian and Eastern European schools and universities couldn’t afford legacy systems. He developed cloud-based software that that was an affordable alternative.

When it comes to marketing JetSmarter, he says it’s on the demand side that things are most difficult. The people that book private flights to this point are those who are pretty wealthy. They aren’t used to sharing flights with others. He says showing them the value and how they would benefit from JetSmarter is where a lot of his work lies.

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Smita Shah Demonstrates How An Empowered Woman Empowers Others

As President and CEO of SPAAN Tech, Inc., Smita Shah is a household name in engineering and business. From designing electrical systems and navigation aids for O’Hares International Airport expansion to inspecting a $510-million renovation for the Chicago Transit Authority Blue Line, Shah has blazed a path for businesswomen to follow. To become the influential leader and role model she is today, hard work, ingenuity, and perseverance play vital roles in her road to success.


At a young age, Shah learned the power of utilizing her natural skills and interests. In high school, the self-proclaimed nerd developed a passion for solving complex equations and participating in math relays. Working hard to win statewide competitions with her peers, the daughter of Indian immigrants eventually earned her Bachelors of Science from Northwestern University and her Masters in civil and environmental engineering from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.


In 1998, Shah founded a Chicago-based technology and project management firm that quickly became one of the fastest-growing companies of the year. Over two decades, her team has continued to reach new heights developing complex electrical systems and infrastructure both in the public and private sectors. As an influential mentor and education advocate, Shah uses her platform to inspire young women in their pursuit of math and science studies.


“The Smita Shah Empowerment Method” centers on shifting the mindset of young women who find it difficult to enter a male-dominated field by eliminating negative self-talk. Shah believes that empowerment begins with how individuals perceive their self-worth. Knowing themselves inside and out eliminates the role society contributes to downplaying a women’s influence and contribution.


The challenges and opportunities that Shah has experienced throughout her career are lessons that women relate to and can apply in their own lives. Her formula for success includes rebounding from challenges, being proud of their accomplishments, and asserting confidence in their skills. No matter what qualities someone brings to the table, everyone can learn from each other to make informed decisions and take decisive action. Speaking at international engagements and inspirational summits, Shah instills that a strong presence commands respect by not letting fear overpower dedication and innovation. Learn more:


At the center of Shah’s career is a proven track record that a woman’s voice is worthy of being heard and creating change. Bridging the gap between her native country of India and the United States, Shah proves the power behind believing in one’s abilities to make their dreams come true. Her work in public service, such as promoting math and science education as well as her advocacy in politics, has garnered multiple titles and awards including the Ellis Island Medal of Honor.

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James River Capital’s CEO Gives Business Advice Two Entrepreneurs

James River Capital is an investment advisory company that offers investment advice and the company currently only serves clients that are based in the United States. The advice that James River Capital offers is in the areas of commodities trading, investment management, and many other financial services. The founder of James River Capital is two gentlemen by the name of Paul Sanders and Kevin Brandt. Paul Sanders is the chairman and the chief executive officer of the company. Kevin Brandt is the president of the company and Laura Piper is the chief compliance officer.


Paul Sanders states in an article on that entrepreneurs should understand that no one is going to provide them with funding just because they have a brilliant idea. He is more than qualified to educate entrepreneurs on the issue of funding because he himself is a successful entrepreneur and the chief executive officer of James River Capital. If you need more qualifications is education speaks for itself he has a bachelor’s degree from the University of Virginia and he has an MBA from the University of Chicago. Paul Sanders also lets entrepreneurs know there is a bright side to things there are funding opportunities available for entrepreneurs who are just getting started but you have to know what steps to take to get the funding. The first step to getting funding is bootstrapping and this means you should use your own resources first. This could be a savings account, checking account, credit cards, or taking a loan from family and friends. The reason why bootstrapping can be a good place to start is because it will cover startup costs and prevent the entrepreneur from having to give up equity in their business.


Another reason why the bootstrapping method can be beneficial is that the potential investors will see that you the entrepreneur has put your own money behind yourself and this will motivate you to succeed. Because of this, you can more than likely get an investor that will invest with you because they see that you put your own money behind yourself. The next form of funding that Paul Sanders recommends is crowdfunding. Crowdfunding is like a Kickstarter campaign you have a large group of people who support your idea and they donate various amounts of money to show their support. The benefit of crowdfunding is that you do not have to give up any equity and the people donating are not expecting to be paid back. If you plan on crowdfunding you must put together some type of marketing plan to get your idea out to the general public. Learn more:


 If an entrepreneur is looking for funding for their business, there are many options out there and available. If you are a serious entrepreneur and passionate about the idea to find yourself and if need be do the research and you will be able to find creative funding. Take the advice of successful entrepreneurs like Paul Sanders and you can be on your way to having a very successful business.

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How a Health Savings Account from HCR Wealth Advisors May Fit Your Financial Plan

HCR Wealth Advisors is a registered investment advisory firm based in Los Angeles servicing high net worth individuals to create personalized financial strategies. One of the ways HCR Wealth does this is by educating clients on investment strategy and creating personalized financial strategies. One investment vehicle you may consider utilizing is a Health Savings Account (HSA).

An HSA is an account used for future health care costs but with major benefits. One of the benefits is tax-free money throughout the life of the account. Contributions made by taking money straight out of your paycheck before you see it, meaning you do not have to pay taxes on it.

While you continue to make money on the health savings account, your money can grow tax-free and if you decide to use the money for qualified medical purposes, you do not need to pay any penalties for the withdrawals.

However, with all these tax-free medical funds comes restrictions. To make contributions to your health savings account you first need to qualify for a high deductible health plan. This means your annual deductible is $1,350 for a single or $2,700 for a family and your annual out of pocket expenses are $6,750 or $13,500 respectively. Also, you cannot deposit more than $3,500 annually if you’re single or $7,000 for a family.

Health savings accounts can also serve as a backup or extra retirement account. Once you reach the age of 65 you can use the remaining funds for whatever you want with one catch, it is now subject to taxes unless you use it for medical expenses.

At the end of the day, if you qualify for an HSA it may be a great tax-free medical fund tool for you to consider utilizing and HCR Wealth is a great place to start. It allows you to have tax free medical money throughout your lifetime, and at retirement practically a second IRA or 401(k)!


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Smita Shah`s Diverse Nature

Smitah Shah is an intelligent engineer who developed an interest in mathematics at a very young age. In fifth grade, she was able to convert word problems into algebraic equations. In high school, she worked closely with a team from the University of Chicago Laboratory School, and she helped in winning several statewide competitions. Later, she earned a master’s degree in civil and environmental engineering from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. She is a goal getter, and she never settles for anything less than what she wants. Besides being an outstanding engineer, she has ventured into business as a career.


Soon after her graduation, she managed to start her firm known as the SPAAN Technology based in Chicago. She has worked tirelessly to oversee the growth and success of her company. She has managed to employ at least 50 employees and annual revenue of $10 million in the last 10 years. In 2018, SPAAN Technology was ranked number 1,821 in a list of 5,000 fastest growing companies on the Inc. Magazine. Her efforts have been recognized internationally, making her win several awards such as the Ellis Island Medal of Honor.


She is the president of SPAAN, which offers diverse services such as upgrade of electrical systems, designing of traffic signals and general management of projects. Her efforts have been recognized internationally, making her win several awards such as the Ellis Island Medal of Honor. This helped her to be appointed to work under White House administration. In 1996, she was appointed as the Illinois Democratic Party youngest delegate.


Her firm offers project management services to various high profile clients such as public schools in Chicago, Illinois State Toll Highway Authority and the U.S Army. She has also been involved in several projects such as the relocation of Commonwealth Edison Co. ` call center during a blackout, an inspection of the renovation of Chicago Transit Authority`s Blue Line worth $510 million and offering consultancy services on the upgrading of plumbing and fixtures in Senator Barack Obama’s office in Chicago. Learn more:


She is an eloquent public speaker, and she has influenced a lot of small scale business owners to be successful. Smita`s ability to persuade people made Hillary Clinton to appoint her as her fundraiser. Smita is a strong believer of change, and this pushes her to volunteer in programs that help her create a positive economic impact on young professionals and entrepreneurs.


Smita Shah appreciates the challenges that she experienced as a woman in her journey to success in engineering. She admits that it was tough, but she employed strategies that helped her overcome her male counterparts. Today, she encourages young girls to strive to achieve their dreams in whichever profession more so in science and Technology.

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