How Sergey Petrossov Improved Flying in Luxury

JetSmarter is a company in the private aviation industry. It was founded in 2012 by Russian-born Sergey Petrossov. Having flown on a private jet once, he thought there had to be a better way of booking flights and making the industry more efficient. He released the JetSmarter app which soon started to attract more flyers than any other company in the industry.

He developed several innovations. This included a shared flight service where people could book seats on private flights already scheduled on the JetSmarter app. The app gives users a way to create a flight in minutes, a process that used to take days. The app makes private air travel more affordable which means it is accessible to more people than ever before.

Sergey Petrossov introduced a revolutionary feature to his app in October 2018. Before this date, users who created a flight paid all the costs associated with it. Other people could book seats on these flights but the cost burden was still on the originator.

Sergey Petrossov

He created a crowdfunding option. If someone takes this option, everyone onboard shares in the price of the flight. Seats can be canceled before the flight is confirmed. This greatly reduced the entry-price of booking a seat on a private flight.

Sergey Petrossov grew up in the Miami, Florida, area. He was born with a drive and a passion for whatever he was doing. It was not long after graduating from college that he founded JetSmarter. This wasn’t even his first company. He started an import/export business while in high school, for example.

While in college, he founded a startup in the educational industry. He saw that Russian and Eastern European schools and universities couldn’t afford legacy systems. He developed cloud-based software that that was an affordable alternative.

When it comes to marketing JetSmarter, he says it’s on the demand side that things are most difficult. The people that book private flights to this point are those who are pretty wealthy. They aren’t used to sharing flights with others. He says showing them the value and how they would benefit from JetSmarter is where a lot of his work lies.

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James River Capital’s CEO Gives Business Advice Two Entrepreneurs

James River Capital is an investment advisory company that offers investment advice and the company currently only serves clients that are based in the United States. The advice that James River Capital offers is in the areas of commodities trading, investment management, and many other financial services. The founder of James River Capital is two gentlemen by the name of Paul Sanders and Kevin Brandt. Paul Sanders is the chairman and the chief executive officer of the company. Kevin Brandt is the president of the company and Laura Piper is the chief compliance officer.


Paul Sanders states in an article on that entrepreneurs should understand that no one is going to provide them with funding just because they have a brilliant idea. He is more than qualified to educate entrepreneurs on the issue of funding because he himself is a successful entrepreneur and the chief executive officer of James River Capital. If you need more qualifications is education speaks for itself he has a bachelor’s degree from the University of Virginia and he has an MBA from the University of Chicago. Paul Sanders also lets entrepreneurs know there is a bright side to things there are funding opportunities available for entrepreneurs who are just getting started but you have to know what steps to take to get the funding. The first step to getting funding is bootstrapping and this means you should use your own resources first. This could be a savings account, checking account, credit cards, or taking a loan from family and friends. The reason why bootstrapping can be a good place to start is because it will cover startup costs and prevent the entrepreneur from having to give up equity in their business.


Another reason why the bootstrapping method can be beneficial is that the potential investors will see that you the entrepreneur has put your own money behind yourself and this will motivate you to succeed. Because of this, you can more than likely get an investor that will invest with you because they see that you put your own money behind yourself. The next form of funding that Paul Sanders recommends is crowdfunding. Crowdfunding is like a Kickstarter campaign you have a large group of people who support your idea and they donate various amounts of money to show their support. The benefit of crowdfunding is that you do not have to give up any equity and the people donating are not expecting to be paid back. If you plan on crowdfunding you must put together some type of marketing plan to get your idea out to the general public. Learn more:


 If an entrepreneur is looking for funding for their business, there are many options out there and available. If you are a serious entrepreneur and passionate about the idea to find yourself and if need be do the research and you will be able to find creative funding. Take the advice of successful entrepreneurs like Paul Sanders and you can be on your way to having a very successful business.

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How a Health Savings Account from HCR Wealth Advisors May Fit Your Financial Plan

HCR Wealth Advisors is a registered investment advisory firm based in Los Angeles servicing high net worth individuals to create personalized financial strategies. One of the ways HCR Wealth does this is by educating clients on investment strategy and creating personalized financial strategies. One investment vehicle you may consider utilizing is a Health Savings Account (HSA).

An HSA is an account used for future health care costs but with major benefits. One of the benefits is tax-free money throughout the life of the account. Contributions made by taking money straight out of your paycheck before you see it, meaning you do not have to pay taxes on it.

While you continue to make money on the health savings account, your money can grow tax-free and if you decide to use the money for qualified medical purposes, you do not need to pay any penalties for the withdrawals.

However, with all these tax-free medical funds comes restrictions. To make contributions to your health savings account you first need to qualify for a high deductible health plan. This means your annual deductible is $1,350 for a single or $2,700 for a family and your annual out of pocket expenses are $6,750 or $13,500 respectively. Also, you cannot deposit more than $3,500 annually if you’re single or $7,000 for a family.

Health savings accounts can also serve as a backup or extra retirement account. Once you reach the age of 65 you can use the remaining funds for whatever you want with one catch, it is now subject to taxes unless you use it for medical expenses.

At the end of the day, if you qualify for an HSA it may be a great tax-free medical fund tool for you to consider utilizing and HCR Wealth is a great place to start. It allows you to have tax free medical money throughout your lifetime, and at retirement practically a second IRA or 401(k)!


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Smita Shah`s Diverse Nature

Smitah Shah is an intelligent engineer who developed an interest in mathematics at a very young age. In fifth grade, she was able to convert word problems into algebraic equations. In high school, she worked closely with a team from the University of Chicago Laboratory School, and she helped in winning several statewide competitions. Later, she earned a master’s degree in civil and environmental engineering from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. She is a goal getter, and she never settles for anything less than what she wants. Besides being an outstanding engineer, she has ventured into business as a career.


Soon after her graduation, she managed to start her firm known as the SPAAN Technology based in Chicago. She has worked tirelessly to oversee the growth and success of her company. She has managed to employ at least 50 employees and annual revenue of $10 million in the last 10 years. In 2018, SPAAN Technology was ranked number 1,821 in a list of 5,000 fastest growing companies on the Inc. Magazine. Her efforts have been recognized internationally, making her win several awards such as the Ellis Island Medal of Honor.


She is the president of SPAAN, which offers diverse services such as upgrade of electrical systems, designing of traffic signals and general management of projects. Her efforts have been recognized internationally, making her win several awards such as the Ellis Island Medal of Honor. This helped her to be appointed to work under White House administration. In 1996, she was appointed as the Illinois Democratic Party youngest delegate.


Her firm offers project management services to various high profile clients such as public schools in Chicago, Illinois State Toll Highway Authority and the U.S Army. She has also been involved in several projects such as the relocation of Commonwealth Edison Co. ` call center during a blackout, an inspection of the renovation of Chicago Transit Authority`s Blue Line worth $510 million and offering consultancy services on the upgrading of plumbing and fixtures in Senator Barack Obama’s office in Chicago. Learn more:


She is an eloquent public speaker, and she has influenced a lot of small scale business owners to be successful. Smita`s ability to persuade people made Hillary Clinton to appoint her as her fundraiser. Smita is a strong believer of change, and this pushes her to volunteer in programs that help her create a positive economic impact on young professionals and entrepreneurs.


Smita Shah appreciates the challenges that she experienced as a woman in her journey to success in engineering. She admits that it was tough, but she employed strategies that helped her overcome her male counterparts. Today, she encourages young girls to strive to achieve their dreams in whichever profession more so in science and Technology.

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Smita Shah: Academic, Entrepreneur, and Role-model

Recipient of the Ellis Island Medal of Honor, President of Spaan Technologies Inc., and mother of two, Smita Shah is an extraordinary woman. Her passion for math and science have made her the woman she is today. As a young girl, she would choose math competitions than track and field. Her interests often made her the only female in many circles. Although it was not just being a female that made her different. In her passion for education and math, she often found that she was the only bronze face in the crowd. Despite her differences, gender and ethnicity, she remained a trailblazer. Two years after graduating from MIT, with a Masters in Civil Engineering, Ms. Shah started her company.


More than two decades after extensive training in engineering and business from MIT, Northwestern, and Oxford University, Spaan Tech is doing incredible work. Currently, her firm is working on energy efficiency for multi-family houses. They can be hired to construct bridges, roads, and project management. One such area is the integration of technology into the public domain- like public transportation. Today her company can be found upgrading electrical systems for Public Schools.


Building a successful company like Spaan Tech is not just about math, science, and education. It is about pulling together the best minds, the best people to accomplish spectacular things. Ms. Shah believes that an eclectic perspective, with diverse backgrounds and genders, can help give back to communities. Her vision and unyielding strength make her a mover and shaker in the cultivation of a brighter future. Learn more:

Ms. Shah has not only established herself as a strong academic, with an even stronger grasp of business, but she remains a role model for many young girls. Having to overcome being an Indian-American and a woman in a white-male-dominated field like she’s meant that her journey was tough. Because of her background, she was forced to operate on a higher level, with fewer mistakes, and a stronger work ethic.

Her struggles are ones that future generations shouldn’t have to face. By being who she is, doing what she does, and remaining a purveyor of change, she is knocking down doors for gender equality. Today, nearly 40% of the MIT student population are women. She believes that her life as an engineer has offered her autonomy when it comes to her lifestyle. With the luxury of being a mother of two. It is her hope that young girls will see this, as she did, and choose a career in STEM. Follow Smita Shah on Twitter

Longtime Executive Marc Beer Named New Chairman For LumeNXT

The top surgical illumination company LumeN XT recently named its new Chairman of the Board. In a recent announcement, it named longtime executive and entrepreneur Marc Beer as the company’s new Chairman of the Board. Beer will take over one of the top leadership positions in the company. For many years, Marc Beer established himself as one of the most successful entrepreneurs and executives in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries. He will look to help LumeN XT continue making progress towards developing surgical illumination technology. 


Shortly after being named as the new Chairman of the Board of the company, Marc Beer had a few remarks about the company and its team of professionals. Marc said that he is very happy to be working with some of the most competent and innovative engineers in the biotechnology industry. He is also thrilled to be working with a group of dedicated surgeons who are very experienced with using surgical illumination technology. Beer also mentioned that the surgical illumination procedures are among the least invasive available and will likely advance the quality of healthcare in the near future.


Since the introduction of surgical illumination procedures, the healthcare industry has been able to make important progress towards providing better care for patients. One of the ways in which it has helped the healthcare industry improve is by making it easier for professionals to complete their tasks. For surgeons, they are now able to have enhanced vision as well as be more precise when performing surgical procedures. They are also able to take advantage of more flexibility during operations as well. LumeN XT has been able to use surgical illumination technology to make valuable contributions to the healthcare industry. These contributions include more precise surgeries, lower costs and improved safety for surgeons and patients.


LumeNXT co founder Paul Rhyne expressed his viewpoint on the recent appointment of Marc Beer as the new Chairman of the Board. In his statement, Rhyne said that Marc has proven himself as both an executive and as an entrepreneur. Over the course of his career, Marc has been able to provide valuable guidance to healthcare companies in their startup and expansion process. Under Beer’s leadership, these companies have been able to raise revenues, increase profits, introduce better solutions and also complete expansion. Therefore, Marc will likely become a valuable contributor to LumeN XT in the near future.


Marc Beer has recently been associated with a medical device technology company known as Renovia. This company helped develop technology to treat pelvic floor disorders. He was also a founder and chairman at Minerva Neurosciences which developed treatments for a number of conditions associated with the central nervous system. Over the years, Marc has held top managerial positions at other healthcare and biotechnology companies. As a top executive, he helped these companies improve their products and services as well as assist them with their expansion to multiple markets worldwide.


Genucel Produces Anti-aging Products Through Chamonix

The Genucel System is an anti-aging line that consists of four anti-aging products that are meant to provide you with smooth and youthful skin. Aging causes the skin to become loose and therefore any accumulation of fluid causes the skin to become saggy and puffy. This is why old people have eye bags and puffy eyes because their skin is loose and the fluid causes it to sag. Genucel products are formulated with some of the best ingredients that are meant to tighten the skin and brighten it up to look youthful and rejuvenated. These ingredients have been tested on humans, and therefore when purchasing Genucel products, one is guaranteed that they will work. People that have used Genucel products before can attest that they work especially when it comes to eliminating eye bags.

One major ingredient that is contained in the Genucel products is called Eyeseryl. If you have eye bags that you would like to get rid of, Genucel is the product line to go for. This is because these products contain twice the amount of Eyeseryl than any other anti-aging products. Eyeseryl is an ingredient that eliminates any swelling or puffiness that might have been caused by the accumulation of fluid in the eye region. Eyeseryl has been effective in elimination this congestion and providing you with smooth skin. Eyeseryl is also an important ingredient because it eliminates any glycation that is caused on the skin, Glycation is not good for the skin because it makes it appear droopy and saggy. Therefore this is a powerful ingredient in the Genucel line.

Genucel by Chamonix products also contain powerful antioxidants that are important in correcting any DNA damaging caused in the skin cells. Some of the anti-oxidants that are contained in this product include goji berry extract, green tea leaf extract, and algal extract. The algal extract is also essential because it is an anti-inflammatory ingredient. This is important in eliminating any toxins that may have built up in the skin cells or the body as well. Collagen is also another product that is contained in Genucel, and it is made from the skin, scales, and bones of marine fish. Collagen serves as an essential anti-aging ingredient because it strengthens the skin and tightens it. Therefore if you have saggy skin collagen is essential in ensuring that it is tight and it is rejuvenated. All these ingredients are infused in the Genucel system that ensures you get youthful skin. To know more about Genucel visit LinkedIn.



Let’s Get To Know Dr. Ira Kirschenbaum

Many people want to be objectively successful, but relatively few people succeed in reaching those goals. While many people have gone from rags to riches here in the United States and elsewhere around the world, most who are born without wealth find it difficult to succeed in life. However, going to medical school and becoming a prominent surgeon is a solid means of reaching that objective level of success we all wish to hit at some point in our lives – rather sooner than later.


Dr. Ira Kirschenbaum is a prominent, successful surgeon


Born in New York City, the city where he works and has resided for most of his life outside of college, Ira Kirschenbaum, MD, works as the Chairman of Orthopaedics at New York City’s very own Bronxcare Health System. Even though the city is larger than any other in the United States, people still find that Ira Kirschenbaum is a popular name in the surgical repair of joints across not just New York City – but the greater New England area.


Dr. Kirschenbaum also works for DTC Healthcom as its Chief Medical Officer and the Swiftpath Program as its Advisory Chief Program Officer. An active member of the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons, Ira Kirschenbaum is fully licensed to practice and consistently remains active in his field of profession.


Have you read his interview with Ideamensch?


We all could learn a thing or two from people who are more successful than us. As such, Ideamensch reached out to Dr. Kirschenbaum for an interview just a few weeks ago. Published on August 28, 2018, Ira was kind enough to talk with the popular interview-heavy site.


He likes to keep up with current events in medicine and orthopedic surgery and does so every morning. Dr. Kirschenbaum alternates his time between spending time with patients and working on public programs, most of which are focused on orthopedics.

Minnesota-Based Accounts Receivable Firm IC System Places Great Emphasis on Community Work

IC System has grown a reputation as one of the nation’s leading accounts receivable companies, famed for their dedication to innovation that ensures they remain at the cutting edge of their industry. Founded in 1938 by Ruth and Jack Erickson, the St. Paul, Minnesota-based firm has seen three generations of ownership within the Erickson family, and has throughout their eighty-year existence maintained a dedication to honesty and ethical behavior.


IC System has also placed great emphasis on contributing charitably to the well being of the St. Paul and wider Minnesotan community. This effort, in 1981, resulted in the creation of an in-house charitable organization devoted to channeling the company’s philanthropic mindset into action. This institution, known as the Employee Charitable Help Organization, or ECHO, is made up of volunteers employed at IC System who organize and execute community activities and charity events. In 2016, ECHO was recorded to have raised $32,000 for charity, while volunteers logged more than 500 hours of community service, through initiatives such as food drives, sporting events and food pantry volunteering.


Much of ECHO’s event organizing is centered around food drives, which have proven to be one of the more popular volunteer opportunities for the organization’s members and a staple of ECHO’s yearly schedule. Previous food drives have been organized in association with organizations such as the the Hunger Task Force of La Crosse, Emergency Food Shelf in Minnesota, Gillette Children’s Hospital and the Ronald McDonald House.


The company also holds blood drives at which ECHO volunteers can donate blood aboard a mobile blood drawing station operated by the American Red Cross. These events historically have high numbers of volunteers, with 2016 seeing over fifty pints of blood, capable of saving more than 150 lives, donated by ECHO volunteers.


A particular popular drive among ECHO volunteers is the annual Fall Fundraiser, which sees initiatives such as Blankets and Quilts for Kindness gain high numbers of volunteers and donations. In 2016, the drive saw donations of $1,400 and 77 blankets to the local children’s hospital from ECHO volunteers.

Mr. Logan Stout – Encouraging Baseball Career and Effective Business Endeavors

     Everyone likes winning, and for one Logan Stout, this was always his aspiration as a youngster who enjoyed playing baseball and sports in general. During this time, he would be sure to have a winning strategy whether he was on the pitch, during class time or doing hobby projects. Mr. Stout was born in Richardson, TX and it is here that he was raised and studied. He joined J.J Pearce High School from where he graduated. During his time in high school, Mr. Stout served in the school’s Student Athletics Council. He was a star in class but in addition to this, Stout earned the MVP honor in most of his junior and senior basketball periods. While in Pearce he would he would play both basket and baseball. Mr. Stout was a professional athlete and participated in 17 World Series events as either a coach or player.

Stout remembers vividly his childhood, as well as early adulthood playing in the field with fellow teammates or friends. He also remembers instances when he was coaching baseball players. He liked very much to offer mentorship for a new player joining baseball. He would also love very much to encourage a struggling or a young player and would love to see the progress and improvement of kids in the game. He would further encourage them to hone their skills and improve their confidence in the sport.

This passion for encouraging youngsters to love the game and play effectively saw him launch the Dallas Patriots which is currently among the world’s largest organizations for baseball. Through this organization, he intends to make training of baseball accessible to all. This organization offers players personalized and private classes, holds baseball camps, clinics for players and among other things. The organization is also known for offering positions such as for community service as well as volunteer for anyone who wants to help. It is Mr. Logan Stout’s wish to see that every young baseball player identifies their potential and further exploit it.


About Stout’s IDLife Business

This health and wellness organization provides nutritional and supplements that are targeted to suit its client’s needs. The service is offered depending on the specific diet, genetics, current medical problems, medication, among other factors. Mr. Logan Stout agrees that the May 2014 launched the business; IDLife is his most recent business venture. The venture has rapidly grown over time with partners like Troy Aikman, billionaire Darwin Deason as well as Jen Widerstrom who is a trainer. The business was in 2016 ranked among the top 100 Solid Top MLM firms world-over.