The Breathtaking Academy of Art University

The Academy of Art University was founded in 1929 by Richard S. Stephens who was a fantastic painter and director for Sunset Magazine at the time. With the compassion and assistance of his wife, they opened the private university in a rented loft which started it all. It has since been the most significant private art and design university in the country. The elite teachers at the school help any student master their given talents to find executive positions in the modern world eventually. With a strict but manageable no-nonsense curriculum, students can expect to get great value and increase their skills. The Academy of Art University has a place for anyone willing to put in the time, hard work and effort to succeed.

The Academy of Art is an illustrious University which over the years has harboured artistic and creative minds alike. Prepare to shape your skills and journey significantly when challenged at this University. With many credible professors, you will be challenged to the best of your ability, but your success is up to you with various production technology and resources available; your ability to create is unlimited. The art school is equipped with various art techniques including VR systems, mannequin work, photography and anything related to the visionary mind is possible. Students and their other classmates share a common goal in expressing their most abundant creativity and innovative skill. Throughout your time here at the University, you will pick up many skills and tricks to truly put your mind to matter.

The university specializes in practice-based art, in which most of the work is hands on. Students are motivated continuously to evolve their skills and talents. Located in the beautiful city of San Francisco, there’s inspiration floating everywhere you can look. With over 30 areas of study, anyone can find their passion and chase after it. Many talented students specialize in advertising, animation, web design, game development and architecture to communication. Graduates have gone on to work for astounding companies like Warner Brothers, Pixar, The New York Times, Hasbro, Paramount and the Puccini Group. Anyone who has a dream and the determination to work diligently at this art school can succeed in their endeavors.