Dr. David Samadi Offers Insight on Prostate Cancer and Possible Treatment Options

Mitt Romney is a former Republican. He recently announced his cancer diagnosis and the surgery that was conducted to remove the tumor. The diagnosis came earlier in the year, but the prostate surgery was performed last summer.

Samadi’s Sentiments

We all know that such instances attract the public attention because citizens always want to know what is going on with their leaders. Consequently, many health practitioners aired their opinion. Dr. David Samadi is one of the health practitioners. The Urology chairman and head of Robotic Surgery who works at Lenox Hill had essential points. He shared some vital points that cannot be ignored.


Samadi noted that prostate cancer is prevalent in older men of about 65 years and above. Medical reports from the American Cancer Society indicate that in 2018, about 164,690 men will be diagnosed with this type of cancer. Samadi roots for surgery as the primary treatment option. Samadi said that if the cancer is still on the first stage, surgery should be the first option that doctors and patients explore.

Radiation Therapy

Radiation is the second treatment option that patients can explore. In this case, the doctor works with the radiologist to expose the targeted cancer cells to radiation. Radiation uses external beaming therapy to damage cancer cell’s DNA.

Cancer Awareness through Samadi

Dr. David Samadi champions prostate cancer awareness through campaigns and medical programs. Samadi holds a degree in biochemistry from the prestigious S.U.N.Y. He also holds a bachelor’s degree from the Montefiore Medical Centre. Samadi uses robotic surgery to treat prostate cancer. He understands its impact on damaging cancer cells. That is why he advocates for it in the first place.

Samadi’s Qualification

Additionally, Dr. David Samadi is qualified to handle laparoscopic surgery for radical prostatectomy. He chairs some of America’s top fields in cancer treatment. Because successful cancer treatment is linked to extensive research and experiences, Samadi gives his best as a certified board member of the urologic department.

Samadi’s Show

Samadi also owns a television show that helps to disseminate facts on medical conditions. The Dr. Samadi Show was launched with the assistance of some of the world’s experienced, medical practitioners. Every Sunday, Samadi hosts one or more doctors to share vital information on health issues and possible treatments. The A-list medical practitioner is passionate humanity. That is why he largely contributes to better health and how patients can achieve it.