The TigerSwan Team Does Its Duties

James Reese Tigerswan

Back in 2008, James Reese co-founded TigerSwan. The private security firm seeks to provide solutions to complex problems and dangerous situations. Private security concerns worry people all over the world. Sometimes, things become so dangerous hiring a team of experts becomes the only solution. With a presence in 50 countries, TigerSwan seeks to provide those solutions.

James Reese does understand the complexities associated with security-related missions. He is a former leader with the elite Delta Force. Upon leaving the service, Reese chose to use his knowledge and experience to enter the private security world. He also assists with training private contractors and current military special operations personnel. Reese also co-founded a tactical training facility located in North Carolina.

James Reese Tigerswan

James Reese learned there are tremendous differences between serving as a Delta Force leader and running a private security firm. In the military, Reese wasn’t concerned with budgeting or marketing. Neither was his team. The former military members who work for TigerSwan do maintain a “mission-centric” approach to their duties. James Reese must stay on top of other aspects of running TigerSwan. The firm isn’t a wing of the military. It is a private company locked into the realities of running a small business.

Thankfully, the assembled team provides the experience necessary to perform required duties expertly and efficiently. Nothing substitute for experience. When a small business has access to experienced professionals, things come with a greater potential to run smoothly. And the former military personnel aren’t the only ones who provide valuable experience. Civilian workers in non-field positions contribute greatly to TigerSwan. James Reese publicly expressed his approval of the full hybrid team that comes together to make TigerSwan work.

Reese mentioned he carries a lot of weight on his shoulders as CEO. The employees put their efforts into making TigerSwan succeed, and they rely on the company for a livelihood. Reese doesn’t want to see the company falter since so many people need it to remain in business. So far, it seems the company maintains the right path for success. Everyone seems to be working well to achieve the same goals.

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Good as Gold

No wonder gold is used for athletes who obtain the highest ranks in the field. It is also no wonder why individuals bind their marriages with a ring of gold. Gold has always been an expensive and important part of civilization for thousands of years. Here are a few more reasons why not many things are as good as gold when it comes to investing.


Gold has always been a trusted safeguard against losing money in times of recession or in times of government’s collapsing. Gold is traded globally and even if your millions of dollars of hard earned cash is worth next to nothing your gold will retain its value. In such a dramatic time in the history of the world it would be a great feeling to know that if something happens beyond your control that you will not be left penniless of your hard earned fortune.


There is only a limited amount of gold in the world so the value does not get affected by geological and political fortunes. The US Money Reserve has lots of information about the reasons to buy gold you may want to check out. There is no government in the world that can just print more gold in order to provide for its economy.


The more money a government produces actually lowers the value of that cash. The things that you want to buy cost more because the dollar bill you have is worth less than it was in years past. The food you eat, the gas you buy, everything will cost more because more of those bills exist. There is an inverse relationship between the amount of actual money produced and its actual value. Inflation continues and it always seems to be going at a faster rate. The gold you own will not be worth any less in time and looks to be possibly raising in value in the future.


Gold is a precious metal that has been sold and traded as currency for thousands of years. There is a limited supply that will not be affected by inflation.  There is no better choice that is good as gold is when you are planning on investing your money. If you are interested in finding more information, make sure you check out the US Money Reserve.

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