MAGFAST Announces Breakthrough Product Offerings

MAGFAST Announces its New Product Lineup

If you’re looking for a streamlined solution to handle all your mobile device charging needs, you’ll love what MAGFAST Chargers offers. Through the use of magnets, the chargers can work quickly and efficiently. The company’s founder, Seymour Segnit, developed the products due to the bulkiness and low-quality chargers being offered by non-OEM brands. The products are offered in forest green as a limited edition and alpine white as the standard offering. They’re aesthetically appealing and can work off each other to power the other charging devices.

More on the Operation of MAGFAST Chargers

The company compares the charging units to building blocks. They’re able to magnetically stick together and wirelessly charge each other. MAGFAST also includes adapters that make the charging devices compatible with any mobile device and tablet currently being offered. MAGFAST wall offers a plug-in unit that you can charge your device on top of without having to give up the outlets. The company also offers international adapters to ensure compatibility in most places around the globe. Power banks, car units, lightning charging cables, and more are being offered with the current promotion.

Getting Started with MAGFAST

MAGFAST Chargers are made available through attending a screening presentation that shows exactly how the products work. You’ll receive many bonuses and a free wall charger just for attending the information session, online. The company has already far-exceeded its crowdfunding goal and is anticipated to be a breakthrough product. As a backer of the products, you’re offered significant savings to help launch the brand. The MAGFAST website currently has a quick presentation that gives a quick overview of their products. Information is also provided regarding their commitment to protecting the environment through the planting of trees to match the purchased devices. You can pre-order and schedule your presentation by visiting, today.