Protecting Officers Using Securus Technologies

I work as a full-time corrections officer in perhaps the most dangerous prison in this country. There is not a day that goes by that my life is not in danger, and many times it happens more than once each day. When you are outnumbered by inmates who can get access to drugs and weapons, the threat is real that you may not be walking home that night. For these reasons and more, my team has developed a few ways to try and keep the peace inside my jail.


The reason it is so important that we keep the inmates from getting any type of illegal contraband is because they are not just putting my officers in harm’s way. An inmate who has a weapon or is high on heroin, could potentially hurt a guard, another inmate, a contractor in the jail, or visitors. We try to stop drugs and weapons getting into the visitor center, into the inmate cells, and we d it in a number of ways. Cell inspections usually yield things that made it into the jail already, my hopes was the new Securus Technologies monitoring system would help us stop things from getting to the jail.


Securus Technologies placed our inmate telephone monitoring system in the jail recently, and it is fast becoming a tool that is invaluable in the quest to keep things from getting to the inmates. The company has these systems in a few thousand jails, and despite there being 1,000 employees of the company, they all are working towards the objective of making the world safer for us.


The LBS software can detect when inmates are planning to get family to smuggle drugs into the visitor center, how inmates are making weapons, and where the contraband is being hidden inside the jail.

Securus Technologies Releases Customer Comments Regarding the Role of its Products in Combating Crime

Securus Technologies has always paid attention to customers’ needs in the creation of innovative inmate communication technologies. The company also values feedback regarding its services and products from clients. Securus Technologies invited lenders and facilities to visit its technology center. The company recently released a series of customer comments on the role of technology in combating crime.


Securus Technologies received clients’ comments in the form of emails and formal letters. Jail and prison officers based in state and federal correctional facilities sent the feedback. According to Rick Smith, Securus’ CEO and board chairperson, the company usually releases a new product on a weekly basis to assist correctional officers and law enforcers in combating crimes.


Selected Facility Comments


One client pointed out that courtesy of Securus’ investigation tools, information was extracted from the phone of a corrupt staff member and was used in obtaining a search warrant. A client noted that through phone call monitoring, correctional officers were able to discover alcohol use and drug trafficking in a correctional facility.


A correctional facility officer also spoke about how Securus’ products focus on revolutionizing the incarceration environment. The officer mentioned that Securus enables correctional facilities in the U.S. to improve their public safety strategies.


About Securus Technologies


As one of the leading inmate communications providers in the U.S., Securus Technologies specializes in diverse services. These include incident management, biometric analysis, information management, and inmate self-service solutions. Securus’ mission is to make the world a better place through the provision of innovative solutions.


Securus Technologies has a client base of over 3,450 law enforcement, corrections, and public safety agencies. The company is based Dallas, Texas. It also excels in the provision of civil and criminal justice technology-oriented solutions. Through its certified and talented technicians, Securus has delivered unique technological products and systems to the corrections market.