MAGFAST: A Creative Idea That Proved To Be Successful


If you have an idea and believe that it will work, it’s good to bring it to the forefront. You might have a successful product that will get the attention of consumers who want something new. Seymour Segnit understands this idea and he has brought forth MAGFAST Charger to help out all of us.

His idea is practical and yet genius at the same time. Who would have thought that having a bundle of chargers could actually help the everyday individual with the way they juice up their phone? This is the best idea and MAGFAST is the company that is going to make our lives better.

Seymour Segnit is the founder of MAGFAST Charger. This company offers a wireless alternative to charging our phones. There are six different components in the bundle that do the same thing but have unique ways of getting it done. Visit This Page for more information.

The six types of Magfast charging stations can meet all your mobile charging needs; The LifeCharger is a standard unit that can be used to power any mobile device but that is compact enough to fit in the palm of your hand. The LifeCharger Extreme is equipped with the maximum allowable power and is strong enough to jump start a car. The RoadCharger provides four USB outlets for onboard charging through your 12v power source. The AirCharger provides wireless device charging. WallCharger not only powers your mobile devices but also charges all Magfast units. Finally, the TimeCharger is what you need if the device you want to recharge is an Apple Watch.

Your whole family could use one bundle and all of their devices would charge at 100% at one time. Plus, you don’t have to deal with charging cords because you can use adapters to do the job. There is even a car charger available with the bundle that powerful enough to jumpstart your vehicle battery.

Seymour Segnit creates a good thing and MAGFAST will be around for a while because of it. We all know that charger cords are a bother, and some of are eager to try the MAGFAST Charger for ourselves. Read This Article to learn more.

This company really got to the point when they came up with this concept. Right now you can preorder the bundle, but you can buy it in individual pieces. It’s important to understand just how these devices are going to change the way you look at your charging experience.

MAGFAST has definitely struck real gold with this new product.


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Breaking Down How Seymour Segnit Managed To Get His Ultra-Fast, New-And-Improved Charging Technology To Market And Make Quick, Easy Work Of Reaching His Funding Goal


You can learn a lot of very, very, seemingly-infinitely helpful information by studying what others have to say. This is especially true as far as interviews that help uncover business people’s ways of thinking, insights, and the like are concerned.


Who Is Seymour Segnit?

If you don’t know who Seymour Segnit is just yet, the first thing you will, in fact, want to know is that he recently went head-to-head with IdeaMensch’s lead interviewer, dropping hordes of helpful knowledge to the masses. At least, that is, to all people who like to learn about general and business-related methods of improving their lives.

Fortunately, you won’t have to go digging for any such information – not on the Internet, in print, by talking to people, or otherwise. Without further ado, let’s start uncovering these intellectually-attractive tidbits he bestowed upon us. See Related Link for additional information.


Mr. Segnit Is an Innovator Who Developed an All-New Technology for Improving Chargers for Tech Devices

Technically speaking, a tech device could include a 20-year-old Inspector Gadget McDonald’s Happy Meal toy. However, in this capacity, these devices are things like smartphones and laptops and computers in their most modern, high-tech, advanced forms.

Seymour Segnit, prior to creating MAGFAST, LLC, attempted to bring an improved USB charger to market, though, before he was able to actualize the full-on bringing of such souped-up chargers to market, his potential customer base grew impatient and disappeared.

Fortunately, Mr. Seymour Segnit managed to get it right the second time around with MAGFAST. As a matter of fact, he already developed the plans for manufacturing MAGFAST chargers en masse prior to opening up a request for funding.

Since Seymour Segnit brought a fully-functioning, super-promising prototype to his web-based funding request that convinced people to help fund the project, he was able to drum up $300,000 in just 15 short minutes. Talk about a good showing! Go Here for more information.


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Seymour Segnit Offers What Customers Want


The tech world has changed the way entrepreneurs offer products to potential customers. A businessman that has an idea of the kind that Seymour Segnit did has many more ways to bring his product to the public.

Seymour Segnit came up with the idea for his MAGFAST charger because he said he wanted to come up with a kind of charger that even people in his family would want to use. He knew that cords and cables were becoming a problem. So he came up with chargers that use wireless charging in a way that allows them to work with all kinds of different devices.

The thing he worried about, according to the inventor in a recent interview, is that people wouldn’t come see what he had to offer. Seymour Segnit knew that if they did indeed come and look and see, they would like what they saw.

In order to get the devices in front as many people as possible, Seymour Segnit decided he would try and go do the crowdfunding way. This would allow him to get his devices in front as many people as possible. The flipside is that if his MAGFAST product wasn’t popular, there was a chance it would fail miserably. See This Page for additional information.

It turns out there wasn’t a need to worry about whether or not people were going to come see what he had to offer. It turns out that more people came to see and were quite impressed with the MAGFAST family of chargers than even Segnit could have expected. Get Additional Information Here.

The businessman has said that he hit his funding goal for the new product in 15 minutes time when he finally launched the crowdfunding campaign. People have been plenty happy to offer up more money all the time. It appears Segnit’s confidence in his MAGFAST product was very well placed.


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