Focus on Timothy Armour and Finding Active Managers

Timothy (Tim) Armour is the current Capital Research Management Company’s director, chairman and principal executive officer. Tim started working for the Group back in 1983 and has gained industrial experience running into years at the company. Mr. Armour was awarded with a Bachelor’s in Economics degree from Middlebury College, a private college in Vermont, US.

Joining Capital Group

Timothy joined the Capital Group as part of the associate’s program. He was so committed to his job and soon this was recognized leading to him earning a promotion to an equity investment analyst.  He was then promoted to become an assistant chairman and worked with the other senior members in the passing, adjusting and implementing Capital Group’s overall strategies and monitor its operations.

Tim Armour Elected as Chairman

Capital Group board members settled on Timothy Armour as the right candidate to succeed James Rothenberg as the chairman. This followed the death of Rothernberg who died as a result of suffering a heart attack. Tim has defended the persons responsible for picking stocks on behalf of the company in the Los Angeles office. He revealed earlier in an interview that he always adheres to his leading mantra “we will get you better returns over time”, which has brought him significant success over the course of his career.

Seeking Active Managers’ Services

Timothy is described as a team-player and suggests often to the investors about seeking services from active managers. These are the type of managers who believe in benefiting from their quality input. Tim believes that the best managers are those who devote large amounts of time to research and scrutiny to help uncover the perceptions on any upcoming opportunities for the company.

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Janet Yang, CFA on Capital Group’s Success

Janet Yang, CFA believes that the success enjoyed by the Capital Group is as a result of the hard work the company employs in achieving its goals. The company has a multimanager system that it put in place six decades ago. It keeps its focus on investment, commits to financial advisers and generates great long-term results. The group has seen a number of transitions and its stocks have occasionally trailed bonds.

This results in the materialistic funds ending up with the smallest stakes in terms of equities and the moderate allocations end up having the most. Janet observes that when this is checked in more detail then it could be safe to state that the allocation funds are successful.

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