Gino Pozzo Changes The Way Soccer Is Viewed In The U.K.

The European influence on soccer was often ignored in the U.K. where the owners, coaches, and players often lived in the assumption organizing the game meant they were above other areas of the world. The English did change the soccer landscape forever with the launch of the Premier League in the early 1990s. The influx of TV revenue set a new standard in how and when soccer was played and viewed around the world with Gino Pozzo setting his sights on owning a club in the league.

At the time of the launch of the English Premier League, Gino Pozzo was taking control of the Serie A club, Udinese that had been bought by his father a few years earlier. The idea that a club could be run in a different way to how it had in the past struck the Harvard Business School graduate. Ironically, Gianpaolo Pozzo fits the bill of the classic soccer club owner who is an entrepreneur from the local area. This is exactly the kind of owner Gino Pozzo believes is now a thing of the past.

Pozzo arrived at Watford and immediately set about his plan to take the Hornets into the English Premier League. As a foreign investor at a historic club, Gino Pozzo was one of the leading figures in the revolution in English soccer over the last decade. For many of the leading figures in English soccer, Gino Pozzo is having a positive influence on the game because of his ability to identify the best young players from around the world. He is also at the head of a scouting network known as one of the best in European soccer.