Grupo RBS Moves From Tabloid News To Online Content

The Grupo RBS media brand has been growing in importance across the life of the brand from 1957 to the present day. The brand has been one of the most important to the development of the news industry within Brazil and across South America with the company creating new ways of bringing both tabloid-style news to the people of the nation and other news through its high-profile newspapers, radio, and TV stations. The company is one of the largest news gathering and publishing services in the world with an estimated number of journalists and staff of over 6,000.

The Grupo RBS brand began its life as a single radio station, Radio Gaucho and would later be joined by a TV station and numerous others across various regions of Brazil. The expanding nature of the media empire of Grupo RBS includes a number of newspapers and tabloid publications that have provided the backbone of the work completed in this sector by the brand. There have been many different publications developed by Grupo RBS, including “Diario Gaucho,” which has become one of the largest tabloid publications in South America. Grupo RBS continued to grow its tabloid and news sector through to the 21st-century when the company began to switch its focus to the options offered through online content.

According to meioemensagem, one of the major reasons for the switch towards new technologies and platforms has been the appointment of Eduardo Sirotaky Melzer as the Chairman of the brand in 2012. The Chairman had been working with the Grupo RBS brand since 2004 when he was appointed the head of market and business development. The sirotsky family has remained in control of the RBS brand for many years and pushed forward with an extensive period of growth under each member of the family to lead the group. The death of founder Mauricio Sirotsky Sobrinho led to the appointment of his son, Nelson Sirotsky as the next Chairman before his retirement in 2012 led to Eduardo becoming the latest member of the family to join the family business.