Gump’s Legacy To Continue Under New Ownership


Gump’s is an iconic American retailer that can date back all the way to 1861 as two brothers named Gustave and Solomon Gump founded the business. The brand is currently based out of San Francisco, California and New York City. An article from Premier Gazette shares how the retailer came together because of a single buddha.

Gump’s built a reputation by selling many items such as jewelry, furnishings, art, silk, and other valuables. Although one of its main stores had burned down, it relocated and grew as a result. One individual named Chachas became interested in taking over Gump’s as he arranged to purchase a buddha off of them with their closing.

The individual was fascinated with the figure ever since he was a boy and finally acquired it in 2005. Chachas would then find out that the Buddha was very valuable and sold it for a whopping $4 million dollars, which was much higher than what he had originally purchased it for. He would go to found his own firm and work with a number of prominent brands. Go To This Page for related information.

Recently, Gump’s has been acquired by Chachas and taken the money earned from the Buddha to reinvent the company. Gump’s has always been a family-owned business and will continue to be under the Chachas family. They understand that the brand is iconic and value the customers that have always stood by their side. They plan to reinvent the company, but, sell products that they have always been known for and deliver excellent service.

The new Gump’s store is set to open this upcoming holiday season in time for Christmas. Something that the new owners have done is rehired employees who have been with Gump’s ever since. The legacy of Gump’s will continue as people will have to stay tuned to where the next location will be.


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