How Boris Ivanov Has Proven His Expertise In The Oil Exploration Sector

Based out of Russia, Boris Ivanov is a reputable expert in the oil exploration field. He has worked with Gazprom and other notable firms like Gazprom. With 15 years of experience in various roles within the sector as well as a PhD in drilling, Ivanov is easily one of the most qualified people that you can find in the industry.

Specializing in the field of communication and business development, Boris Ivanov uses his expertise to help businesses expand their operations in an optimal manner. This ability of establishing ethical yet beneficial trades is one of the many reasons why Ivanov remains such a sought after professional in the field.

By currently serving as the Key Account Sales Manager at Halliburton, Boris Ivanov is utilizing his skill set to further expand the firm’s operations through his dealings with C-Suite execs of large scale corporations. In this role, Ivanov ensures that his focus on ethically supporting the functions of oil exploration entities is put front and center. This way, the organizations and interests that are endorsed by Ivanov and his company remain in line with regulatory policies and local laws.

Prior to this role, Boris Ivanov had been working as the general manager of TDE Group. At the oil exploration services firm, Ivanov looked after day to day operations to ensure optimal delivery of relevant services while also making sure that the firm was in line with all regulatory requirements.

But these two roles do not define the breadth of Ivanov’s career. The business executive has held various positions across an array of businesses in the oil industry, which have all contributed towards his extensive expertise in the sector.

Due to this vast experience, Boris Ivanov has proven his mettle as a well established professional in the oil and gas sector. This has all been possible due to his genuine interest in the field, which has helped him broach many aspects of the segment in such a short time.