How Nathaniel Ru and his Friends Established Sweetgreen

Did you know that the founders of Sweetgreen almost gave up when nobody showed up during their opening? Only the investors and their parents showed up despite spending thousands of dollars for this event.

This is not everything; they say that during the first two weeks, no customer turned up to their restaurant in Washington. It’s during this period that they decided to acquire new speakers and introduce a music session outside the restaurant every Saturday and Sunday. To date, this is the single most important idea that propelled the company to what it is today.

This resulted to 600 people coming for the event. Later on, they would introduce a music fair to the company’s culture. The recent event attracted over 20,000 people, and this is an indication of the customer base of the company.

Nathaniel Ru says that they understand the importance of local tastes. This is why they ensure that every restaurant is designed by a local architect. They also maintain a billboard at every store reminding their customers that the products they consume were produced locally. This helps gain the trust of the local people and also ensure that they promote the local economy.

The company has a model of hiring the best people in the market who are also great at what they do. Nathaniel Ru also notes that Sweetgreen has performed well where employees have been together for a while. This is why the company is also concerned with the well-being of its employees.

Sweetgreen can be described as a smart, sexy and social company that emphasizes on locality. One of the executives of the company says that people rarely buy what you do. Instead, she has come to realize that people are interested in buying how you do your thing.

Sweetgreen can be compared to Apple in so many ways. Just like Apple, they focus on making things that are easy to use and those that are interestingly beautiful. Nathaniel Ru says that from the moment they began the company, they had a deeper purpose and didn’t want to concentrate on salads alone.

By the time that Nathaniel Ru and his friends established this company, they were students at Georgetown University in Washington. All they had was an idea. They neither didn’t know how to run a business nor did they have prior information related to the food industry. However, through proper guidance and luck, they managed to establish a growing chain of restaurants in the US.

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