Isabel dos Santos Remains in the Ultra-Exclusive Group of Africa’s Wealthiest

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O desenvolvimento de Angola passa também pelas províncias, em saber aproveitar os melhores recursos da nossa terra. Apostar na Agricultura cria comunidades produtivas e capazes de ter uma voz na economia do nosso país. Esta é a verdadeira transformação de um país, contar com o contributo de todos. Quando produzimos trabalho, criamos oportunidades, trazemos esperança e futuro a todo o país. #SharingbyIsabeldosSantos #ProduçãoNacional #Agricultura #Angola Angola’s development also relies on the provinces and how can we take advantage of the best resources of our land. By investing in Agriculture, we would have productive communities who make their voice heard in our country’s economy. This is the true transformation of a country, to have the contribution of all. When we work, we bring hope and future to the whole country.

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Businesswoman Isabel dos Santos has long been a prominent figure in Angola and the rest of Africa. Given the most recent report regarding her finances, she will likely retain that status for many years to come.

Via Jornal Economico, Forbes notes that the list of African billionaires has shrunk compared to last year. Back in 2018, the list of African billionaires was made out of 23 people, but this year, only 20 people were recognized as part of the ultra-exclusive club.

Isabel dos Santos also separates herself from the other members of the African billionaires club in a few ways.

First off, the 46-year-old dos Santos is only one of two women present on the list. She is joined by Folorunsho Alakija of Nigeria. Alakija holds a stake in a highly productive oil field in Nigeria. The Nigerian billionaire has seen her net worth decline in recent years however.

Alakija is tied for 19th on the list of Africa’s billionaires with an estimated net worth of $1.1 billion.

Isabel, the daughter of former Angola president Jose Eduardo dos Santos, more than doubles up the wealth owned by Alakija.

That puts her in a five-way tie for eighth place on the list of Africa’s top billionaires, per Forbes. She shares that spot with media and communications mogul Jacobus Petrus “Koos” Bekker of South Africa, Egyptian businessman Mohamed Mansour, Zimbabwean telecom industry luminary Strive Masiyiwa, and Patrice Motsepe, a heavyweight of the mining industry who hails from South Africa.

Also of note, dos Santos is the only representative of Angola on the list of African billionaires.

Interestingly enough, though dos Santos is ranked eighth among African billionaires, her net worth actually dropped quite a bit compared to last year. Her net worth was at $2.7 billion last year. It has fallen a bit to $2.3 billion for this year.

The drop in her net worth is due to a variety of factors. Some of her holdings based in Portugal took a tumble last year. To be more specific, her holdings in the communications firm Nos and the oil firm Galp declined noticeably.

It also didn’t help that Unitel, a mobile telecom firm dos Santos has a significant stake in, dropped in value.

Isabel dos Santos has also become known for her work advocating for Africa and African entrepreneurs. She has poured a significant amount of her resources into creating numerous videos that highlight the work being done by entrepreneurs throughout the continent.

She also remains a vocal advocate for further improving the digital infrastructure that is currently in place in Africa. According to Isabel dos Santos, giving Africans throughout the continent easier access to the online world will give them a better shot to compete in the global economy. Check out: