Jacob Gottlieb: The Financilist With A Background In Medicine

Jacob Gottlieb is a classic example of someone who pursued his dreams and stuck to doing what he loved. Growing up, Gottlieb had an incredible amount of exposure to the medical field and the field of finance as a result of the work that his parents partook in. He saw what they did for a living and was intrigued by it, which caused him to learn more about the two possible career options. His parents moved to the United States in the 1960s and always encouraged their children to take on whatever they held a passion for.



When it was time for Gottlieb to select a career path, he decided to follow in the footsteps of his mother, who was a notable pediatrician at the time. He wanted to become a doctor, which is why he enrolled in New York University’s Medical School. He completed his graduation there, and soon after, decided to start a residency program at the St. Vincent Hospital. He worked under some of the most notable names in the field at the hospital and overall saw it as an incredibly positive experience.



Even though Gottlieb genuinely loved what he did, he always wanted to be able to enter into the field of finance. That was one of the other passions that Gottlieb held beside medicine, and always saw it calling out to him, which is why after completing his residency, he decided to follow his heart and start working in the field of finance. Even though entering the field of finance would be hard for someone who didn’t earn a degree in it, his sheer dedication and interest was enough to help him understand the role that he would have to perform. The road ahead was tough, but Gottlieb knew that he was finally on the right path, and was doing something that he genuinely felt satisfied with.



Through the course of his career, Gottlieb has worked with a wide number of companies and agencies who have come to him for financial help. He has also held several executive positions at top-tier companies, such as Visium Asset Management, which was a company that he founded in 2005. He also held one of the top executive positions at Balyasny Asset Management, which was a company that he also founded along with a few other business partners. Before he went on to start up his own companies, he worked at well-known names such as Merlin Financial and Sanford Bernstein & Co.



Even though he no longer works in the field of medicine, he still believes in supporting organizations that are working to make developments in the field. He has expressed how surgeons and financial analysts have to operate in similar ways. They both have to be extremely fluid and proficient at what they do, and at the same time, have to work in a way that minimizes the possible risk, even if it is a high-pressure situation.



Gottlieb also supports various charities and philanthropic ventures to improve the lives of countless people all over the country.



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