Jeremy Goldstein Has Always Wanted To Make A Difference And He Accomplishes This Through Various Means

Jeremy Goldstein is a professional individual who bases his operations out of New York City, New York. The reputation that he enjoys is that of a leading attorney and committed philanthropist. He has been active for many decades now and began practicing law upon the receipt of his J.D. in Law Degree that he earned at NYU’s prestigious Law School. Before studying at NYU, Jeremy was a student at both Chicago University and Cornell University. These academic studies background that he possesses has helped him greatly and allowed him to become a lawyer of great esteem in New York City and abroad. One of the reasons that Jeremy Goldstein has achieved such great success during his celebrated career as a lawyer is due to the type of legal work that he focuses on. The focus of his practice, known as Jeremy L. Goldstein and Associates, is on the world of corporate law. This includes areas ranging from the compensation of CEOs, corporate governance, mergers, and acquisitions, along with other major factors in the corporate law realm of practice. The reputation enjoyed by Jeremy Goldstein is as an attorney who will always go above and beyond the call of duty when it comes to defending the interests of his elite base of clients. This has helped him to earn a strong level of trust within his industry and it has also led to the development of his impeccable reputation.


The years that Jeremy Goldstein has spent focusing on corporate law have been very profitable and enjoyable for him. He first recognized the special need for this type of law practice after he first graduated from law school and he decided that it was a niche he would focus on and excel in. Since making this decision, he has become one of the preeminent corporate law experts in the world and has served as the lead counsel for financial giants such as JP Morgan Chase and major global conglomerates such as South African Breweries. Along the way, Jeremy Goldstein has found himself involved with some of the most significant cases in the mergers and acquisitions realm. He has also had the chance to make a major difference in the careers of many of his top CEO clients as he has worked with them in efforts to refine their business practices in terms of corporate governance. When Jeremy Goldstein takes on a client, he is always looking to find ways to insulate them against negative legal consequences, and he has the knowledge and experience to be able to do just that.


Though he is famed for his legal prowess, Jeremy Goldstein is also an individual who is highly regarded for other work that he does. Foremost among this is his charity work and his commitment to the cause of mental health awareness. He has supported the charity organization known as Fountain House for many years now as it endeavors to help those that suffer from mental illness. As a part of his work, Jeremy Goldstein has organized fundraisers that bring in many thousands of dollars in order to help out.


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