Lori Senecal: A Strong Driving Force behind CP+B

Lori Senecal who has served CP+B as President and CEO since 2015 has announced her resignation from her position by the end of 2017. She was exactly what the company needed to move forward since with her promotion came with getting impressive company awards. She has done exemplary work in the innovation of the agency and helped it become something new regarding flexibility and nimbleness of an entrepreneurial start up. Lori says that their offices are run by determined and passionate entrepreneurs who aim at building the agency. The company has done a thorough evaluation in determining their next President, and according to Lori, Danielle Aldrich would serve the company well in that position.

Praises About Lori Senecal

Her creative and innovative personality continues to impress and build her career. In the many years, the organization has had talented and dedicated executives, and Lori standouts in enhancing the agency’s reputation. Besides being President, she also held the position of chief innovation officer as well as being the director of content integration at the renowned McCann World group. Lori has also been credited for bringing about energy into the agency.

Lori has greater ideas in the expansion and global growth of the organization despite her resignation. She has done tremendous work in enhancing the agency’s business and culture which has developed the organization. CP+B has received incredible awards under Lori’s leadership and through her tremendous effort. Her unique skills have gotten her leadership and innovation awards for both herself and the organization.

Lori on Interview

She starts by working out to gather ideas for her day. She attends work meetings with colleagues & clients as well as sets her priorities straight to keep her productive and focused on the mission. She states that ideas are only great when they are acted upon to be fulfilled. Ideas matter especially when they change the culture and create a business momentum. Having bold brand actions gets investors’ attention and attracts them to have an interest. Lori believes in having acting than saying mentality for one to succeed in their endeavors.

Just like everyone who anticipates for success, Lori has had her fair share of inspiration and books that have paved ways for her success. It is people who believed in her and encouraged her during tough times who played a major role in taking her to goals. She recommends the book ‘What I Talk about When I Talk about Running’ to the community for motivation. Check out Salary to know more.

Lori Senecal is a strong believer in teamwork and does not take talents for granted. She is time conscious and encourages people on having confidence in themselves which should bring them to their desired success.

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