Luke Lazarus Unique Approaches to Startup Marketing Consultancy

Luke Lazarus has a set of principles which have helped him to rise above challenges and become successful in business. He always strives to stay productive and make the most out of his time. Lazarus believes that successful people have a tendency to keep looking always. His track record of achievements speaks for itself.

He has worked with many CEOs across Australia to identify, define and address matters that contribute to business success.

He prides himself in more than twenty years of experience in the business world. In the course of his career, he has helped corporate leaders to formulate business plans as well as assess contributing factors to success and set appropriate priorities. Read more: Luke Lazarus Helps Companies Go From Zero to IPO and Luke Lazarus | Business

Looking back to where it started, he realized he had a thing for business while young. He went ahead to pursue his ambition by earning an Executive MBA at Melbourne School.

He got into entrepreneurship at the age of 24 and started several enterprises which he later sold after becoming successful. Business people got interested in his skills and he leveraged his experience to help struggling businesses to get on their feet.

Luke Lazarus appreciates the role a business plan plays in the success of a business venture. It serves as a guide to create a vision, limitations and provide a financial model that supports it.

From his point of view, a business plan is a product story that would help investors, customers and employees to understand the business better.

Once a business plan is in place, you will need funding. Lazarus comes in to help his clients to secure funding leveraging his storytelling technique.

He uses storytelling to mobilize startup boardrooms and investors to in arms to take the business forward. With his ability to use illustrations which members can relate to on a deeper level, his ability to secure funding is unmatched.

Another challenge which businesses today are struggling with is marketing. He chips in to identify important variables before launching a new venture or product.

Lazarus is also instrumental in the formulations of plans that drives organized sales. He does that through developing a complete outline which incorporates marketing plans.

He is often faced with the question of how he manages to stay productive owing to his success in what he does. Early in the morning, he meditates for 10 to 15 minutes. During the day, he multitasks to accomplish as much as possible within a short time. He is good at keeping time and making every minute count.

When it comes to bringing ideas to life, Luke Lazarus designs solutions that only improves performance in the marketplace. He is always striving to make product become synonymous with the its describing story.

Looking back, the only regret he has is being anxious. If he could go back to his hey days, he would reassure himself that he had the drive to succeed.

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