Matthew Fleeger: An Oil and Gas Tycoon

Matthew Fleeger is the managing director and president of Gulf Coast Western. He has a professional executive profile in the gas and oil industry. He is globally recognized for his knowledge and expertise in management of medical waste, and the tanning industry. His name was published in Business Professionals, International Who’s Who. In the leadership of Gulf Coast Western, Fleeger’s leadership has been the ranked the best, as the best corporate head who has led the company to growth and development. Gulf Coast Western is an oil and gas company based in the Texas state region.

As a successful entrepreneur, Fleeger is known to have interests from a diverse range and an executive business model that promotes the use of resources in an adaptable manner, as well as contributing majorly in the encouragement of team members to proceed with their acknowledgements. Fleeger holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration accredited to Cox Business School, the University of Southern Methodist. He graduated from the University of Southern Methodist in 1985. After completing his education, he joined the family business and worked at his father’s company, that was established in 1970. He later joined Kinlaw Oil Company and served as the vice president for 3 years. Kinlaw Oil Company is an oil and gas company, also based in Texas state.

Earlier in the years he used to reside in the business of oil and gas, he gained experience that instilled good leadership roles that record most of his acquisitions and successful investments, and he currently exercises in Gulf Coast Western. He is also a corporate structure expert, and has knowledge in mergers, joint ventures and acquisitions. This knowledge has proven to be useful as it is accredited to the success of Gulf Coast Western. He established MedSolutions, a medical firm, in 1993.