McDonalds Soon to Offer a Plant-Based Burger

There is good news for vegans and vegetarians. Now, more than ever, mainstream fast food chains are incorporating more plant based food options into their menus. Because of this trend, vegans and vegetarians will now have more dining options, and they will be able to easily enjoy meals with family and friends who do not subscribe to vegan and vegetarian diets. McDonalds will soon offer the Impossible Burger as McDonalds leading meat supplier, OSI Group, will be working with Impossible Foods to make this a reality. When Burger king worked with Impossible Foods to create the Impossible Whopper, it was never expected that this plant-based option would sell so well.

Sales exploded, and there was difficulty making enough supply to meet the demand. Since Burger King’s Impossible Whopper had a spectacular turnout, OSI Group and Impossible foods are more than optimistic to partner together to create the famous impossible Burger, and they anticipate the same turnout that occurred with the Impossible Whopper since it became so popular so quickly. Plant-based burger options are soaring in popularity, and McDonalds wants to jump in on the action and get a piece of the profit pie. The date on which the Impossible Burger will be released is unknown at this time.

The Senior Vice President of Impossible Foods, Sheetal Shah, is pleased that the Food and drug Administration deemed soy leghemoglobin to be safe as this is one of the main food ingredients in Impossible Foods plant-based burgers. With this development, there is no reason that Impossible Foods cannot sell their plant-based burgers in mainstream grocery stores, offering even more plant-based options to both vegans and vegetarians. It seems that now, their main focus is getting plant-based options into as many fast food restaurants as possible. When Impossible Burgers will end up in grocery stores is unknown at this time. It is anticipated that when Impossible Burgers do finally end up in stores, retail sales will soar.

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