Omeed Malik Rapidly Acquired Leadership

Omeed Malik has succeeded in using his prior experience, distinctive features and a broad understanding in the economic industry to become the CEO and Founder of Farvahar Partners. Malik’s shop merchant bank supports businesses of multiple dimensions, including liquidity, capital raising and advisory capability rare in this niche market. The solid business of Malik has a powerful knowledge of growing for the first rounds of financing, side growth strategies and extension initiatives, while offering operational assistance for systemic change.

Born in New Jersey, young people have earned a Bachelor of Philosophy and Political Science from Colgate University in his main education. Malik graduated from the prestigious School of Law of the Emory University with honours after finishing his undergraduate studies. Once enrolled, Malik became a spokesman for Donald Payne, former New Jersey Representative, and gained management abilities, confidence and other soft skills which would speak seamlessly in additional posts. From there, Malik worked as an attorney in the area of bankruptcy, personal equity and corporate structure for New York’s Weil, Gotshal & Manges.

Malik rapidly acquired leadership in the economic globe and became MF Global’s Senior Vice-President. In this position, Malik had to redevelop a large domestic distribution platform, a feat that led his effective reorganization skills in company operations. Malik was appointed Managing Director of Bank of America and Global Head of the Hedge Fund Advisory Business at Merrill Lynch after excelling in his position. Omeed Malik has chosen companies of all sizes for financing and has supervised the execution of this financing in this extremely respected position of management, monitoring the achievement of multiple types of personal liquidity.

Malik ultimately mixed years of relevant experience in creating his own company, Farvahar Partners, following his entrepreneurial wish. Always ahead of changing trends on the market and the newly emerging private pre-IPO trend, Malik effectively earns the resources for his customers to grow. Malik continues to be heavily engaged in Farvahar Partners daily activities and frequently gives his knowledge on domestic news platforms via multiple camera appearances.

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