OSI Group Agrees to Co-Produce Impossible Burger for Impossible Foods

Impossible Foods

The search for the perfect beef substitute has been well underway for the past decade. Impossible Foods was launched in 2011 in search of an all plant-based burger that would carry all the characteristics of a beef burger with a plant-based composition. The Impossible Foods food scientist remained focused in their labs from 2011-2016 when they emerged with their solution to the 100% plant-based burger. The base of the burger was set on the protein called “heme,” which is found in both plants and animals. The”heme” protein used by Impossible Foods for their Impossible Burger is from the root of the soybean plant. There is not meat product in the Impossible Burger, and it is entirely plant-based, yet it looks, smells, tastes, looks, feels, and “bleeds” like a beef burger.

Soft Launch and Debut

The soft launch of the Impossible Burger was set for mid-2016. Impossible Foods made arrangements with a New York Restauranteur called David Chang to use his restaurant for the debut location. New York is a central location for many food critics and publicity capital, so the Momofuku Nishi Restaurant ended being a perfect place to debut the flagship burger by Impossible Foods. The Impossible Foods staff were very excited at the positive reviews that were reported and written about its Impossible Burger. Soon after the showing and tasting order for the flagship Impossible Burger was being received at the headquarters of Impossible Foods. By mid-2019 Impossible Foods realized they needed a co-production partner to meet all the many demands for the Impossible Burger.

Co-Production Agreement

OSI Group was delighted to be offered a co-production agreement with Impossible Foods and as soon as the deal was finalized OSI Group began outfitting its Chicago plant according to the required specifications of the production plant Impossible Foods required. OSI Group modeled its production plant on the already existing Impossible Foods production plant in Oakland. Sheetal Shah, a spokesperson for Impossible Foods, said Impossible Foods looked forward to working with the well-known McDonalds distributor and meatpacker for 65 years. Impossible Foods’ spokesperson also mentioned how confident Impossible Foods was now that it had the expert support, distribution network, and expertise of OSI Group.

OSI Group to co-manufacture the Impossible Burger