OSI Group: McDonalds Supplier And Plant-Based Options

If you are looking for a healthy alternative to eating regular meat, you are in luck. There is a new burger that has hit the market that just might light up your tastes buds. It’s called the Impossible Burger, and it’s a plant-based option that designed for special people such as yourself. To help meet their growing demand, OSI Group is helping out and has the manpower get that burger to the restaurant that you love to visit. The McDonalds leading meat supplier has been around for decades and knows a good time to get in on the action when it sees there is potential in other options aside from meat.

Impossible Foods came up with the best food solution to meet the needs of the consumers who don’t want to eat meat. What they did not foresee was how popular their decision was going to turn out. Without OSI Group stepping in to help, they would have run into a disaster. McDonalds has not made a decision yet as to whether it will join in the number of restaurants adding plant-based options to its menus. However, other establishments have wasted no time and are seeing soaring profits as a result. These options are proving to be popular that such restaurants as White Castle, Burger King, and The Cheesecake Factory. Two of them actually have the Impossible Burger on their top food menu.

If you own a restaurant and are looking to get more customers to come in, you should consider adding the popular Impossible Burger to your menu as well. OSI Group is doing what they know best and that is meeting customer demand by bringing in the tools to handle it. After all, they do this on a global level. So it’s no surprise that this company wants in on what trending right now. OSI Group has done a smart thing by joining Impossible Foods to supply a successful product. This idea of servicing people who have their own eating habits that make for a healthy lifestyle should spark them to come up with their very own plant-based line.