DE Shaw VS Daniel Michalow

DE Shaw is a global investment and technology development firm. Founded in 1988 by David E. Shaw, the company is known to be multinational. DE Shaw is based in New Your City. The global firm has been doing well. That doesn’t go to say that they haven’t had their controversy. In the year 2018, DE Shaw fired the managing director, Daniel Michalow. Allegedly he had been accused of sexually inappropriate conduct with female colleagues. DE Shaw did not hesitate to take action towards the allegations.

The whole ordeal with Daniel Michalow opened a plethora of conspiracy doors. From a questionable hedge fund to risky business going on within DE Shaw. Michalow indeed did create an uproar, threatening to take current DE Shaw employees with him. Along with creating a split within the company, Daniel also that it would be great to air some DE Shaw dirty laundry. The accusations that were thrown on DE Shaw left investors wondering what to believe and what not to believe. Confusion was added in to the already heaping mess. The company has offered a non-compete package for those who want to leave or thinking about it. The fear is that some of the workers are debating about not signing the non-compete contract that was offered to them and siding with Michalow. This has brought doubt to DESCO HQ. Especially since one of the workers taking the accused Daniel Michalow’s side is a woman.

There is a lot of suspicion and speculations on the steps DE Shaw is taking and need to take. Rest to sure further controversial measures are in place to rectify the ongoing issues at hand. DE Shaw stands behind their operation and actions. Only time will tell how this predicament will pay out when it is all said and done with both parties involved.


Exploring Business Loans with the Help of Paul Saunders, CEO of James River Capital

Many people have an idea for a brilliant business that can provide a product or service that people need. To take a business from an idea to long-term success is a challenge. One of the first issues that people come across is funding. It can be hard for people to raise money to fund their business idea. Their savings account will only last for so long and it might be hard to get people to provide funding. Paul Saunders, the founder and CEO of James River Capital, has some helpful advice for those looking to create a successful business.


James River Capital is registered with the SEC as a Commodity Trading Advisor. The company provides advice and trades assets in a variety of classes including asset-backed securities, multi-strategy investing, and more. Paul Saunders is a graduate both of the University of Virginia and the University of Chicago. He has a passion for philanthropy and supports a variety of charitable foundation. He also generously donates his time and experience to those who are looking to start their own business.

At some point, many businesses are going to have to take out a loan. One of the options for loans comes in the form of business loans. These often come from banks and from something called the Small Business Administration. Bank loans typically have lower interest rates; however, it can take some time to get approved. On the other hand, Small Business Administration loans do tend to be a bit more expensive but the approval rate is faster.

It is also an option to open a business line of credit. Businesses are able to draw on a pool of funds and the business will pay interest on the money that is used. The interest rates on these various lines of credit will vary. When it comes to taking out a loan, businesses should explore all of the options available.


Gino Pozzo Changes The Way Soccer Is Viewed In The U.K.

The European influence on soccer was often ignored in the U.K. where the owners, coaches, and players often lived in the assumption organizing the game meant they were above other areas of the world. The English did change the soccer landscape forever with the launch of the Premier League in the early 1990s. The influx of TV revenue set a new standard in how and when soccer was played and viewed around the world with Gino Pozzo setting his sights on owning a club in the league.

At the time of the launch of the English Premier League, Gino Pozzo was taking control of the Serie A club, Udinese that had been bought by his father a few years earlier. The idea that a club could be run in a different way to how it had in the past struck the Harvard Business School graduate. Ironically, Gianpaolo Pozzo fits the bill of the classic soccer club owner who is an entrepreneur from the local area. This is exactly the kind of owner Gino Pozzo believes is now a thing of the past.

Pozzo arrived at Watford and immediately set about his plan to take the Hornets into the English Premier League. As a foreign investor at a historic club, Gino Pozzo was one of the leading figures in the revolution in English soccer over the last decade. For many of the leading figures in English soccer, Gino Pozzo is having a positive influence on the game because of his ability to identify the best young players from around the world. He is also at the head of a scouting network known as one of the best in European soccer.


Privinvest Shipbuilding – 2000 vessels in 20 years and ready for a greener future!

With a successful track record of those nautical accomplishments, most companies would be sitting back and just relaxing on their reputation of building some of the most advanced ships in the military, commercial and the mega-yacht industries. But their design innovations are also being channeled into renewable energy in the form of more efficient ship engine technology and pure energy production. Under the research capabilities of the Privinvest subsidiary, CMN, it has invested in exploring new improvements in Marine Renewable Energies in the field of hydro-kinetic and turbine industry. These innovations will see a future of greatly reduced consumption of fossil fuels for marine transport.

The involvement by Privinvest in renewable energy isn’t only reserved for fuel savings on the water, they are actively growing in the areas of tidal and wind energy. Partnering with Hydroquest in 2013, as part of the new Series project. Its objective is to build and operate an initial farm of 10 tidal turbines, each producing 1.3 MW of power in the in Raz Blanchard, Normandy region of France, with the potential to apply these tidal turbine farms all around the world.

They have established their naval reputation by building some of the fastest and effective up to 95 meters such as the missile-armed Fast Attack Craft and the Vigilante range of patrol craft. Each of these is designed to maintain excellent sea-keeping objectives but to also operate at optimal efficiency. The CMN warships are used by 38 Navies around the world and have been the leader in producing the fastest surface combat craft for the last 68 years.

The Privinvest Shipbuilding Group is poised to maintain it’s excellence in producing the most efficient naval, commercial and mega-yachts currently available. But their leadership in energy production and fuel efficiency will guarantee their place in the ever more environmentally conscious marketplace, well into the future.

Talkspace: Finding help online for mental health

We all will need some kind of mental help when things happen in our lives. Most of us are confused on where to turn and have to ask around. It can be expensive to use therapists if you don’t have the right insurance. We can spend days lost on who to turn to and what is the best decision. Now many people are reaching out to a new application called Talkspace. It offers users the opportunity to share their mental health thoughts directly to a therapist. The platform is user-friendly where the sign up can take place on your phone while sitting in the park.

Find out more about Talkspace at

Talkspace has gained a great reputation as it’s taken those suffering from mental instability to talking to someone in a matter of minutes. Reviews are positive in that most talk about the convenience of the application and how they don’t have to always talk to a human. Most like Talkspace as it protects their privacy and they can get the best tips from their therapists on handling immediate problems. We all know that mental health issues pop up when we least expect them. Talkspace opens that channel of communication most have never had to experience.

They are left talking about their feelings to a trained therapist that can guide them in the right direction. Users have praised the Talkspace app for its availability and giving those needing to talk to someone at chance to at all crucial moments in their lives. The app has an affordable price when dealing with regarding budgets. This comes down to paying $49 a week to keep your mental state in check and talk to a professional that’s giving you tips on what to do next. This is one of the biggest  that Talkspace Reviews has brought to its million users across the globe.

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Equities First Holdings- UK

Equities First Holdings can guarantee you fast and cheap services with their stock-based loan they are offering everyone that applies for a loan. If you happen to have any stocks or shares then you are in luck with Equities First Holdings. Your stocks or shares will be used as collateral while they offer you their stock-based loan that contains a fixed small interest rate everyone is bragging about. Read more about Equities First Holdings:

Dr. Jennifer Walden Earns High Praise In Her Reviews

The best way to get an idea of what a good or service might be like before you ever use it for yourself is to read some reviews left by previous customers. People love to share their opinions on a variety of things that they have tried before, and this extends to the medical procedures that they may have undergone as well. Dr. Jennifer Walden reviews are full of stories of happy patients who are very glad that they decided to choose Dr. Jennifer Walden as their doctor.


A Five Star Review From A Breast Reduction Surgery Patient

Breast reduction surgery is no easy matter. In fact, it is highly difficult to get this procedure right. That is why Dr. Jennifer Walden reviews that state that the good doctor did such an excellent job with this particular medical procedure tends to stand out.

The reviewer said that the doctor was very compassionate about the situation as well as highly attentive. Those are two traits that anyone would obviously want in a doctor who is about to perform such a sensitive surgery on them. The patient also went on to say that the doctor was a perfectionist in the best sense of the word. Thus, they were thrilled with the results that they got, and they would recommend this doctor to others in the future.

A Botox Patient Loves Her

There was another review that stands out in a big way. It comes from a Botox patient who states that Dr. Jennifer Walden is the only person that she would ever allow to work on her face again. She says that the doctor walked her through the procedure step-by-step and made things as painless as possible. She also claims that Dr. Walden left her with the results that she desired, and that this is a primary reason why she will trust that same doctor any time she decides to come back for more treatments.

As you can see from these reviews it is quite clear that Dr. Jennifer Walden is in a class of her own. If you are considering a procedure that could be sensitive you may want to give her a look. Many others have and have been over the moon about the results.

Vijay Eswaran Shows He’s Much More Than A CEO

Philanthropist and QI Group CEO Vijay Eswaran is living proof of what can be achieved through desire and hard work. His QI Group e-commerce business offers a wide range of services including luxury products, health and wellness, corporate investments, media, and travel.

Born in Penang, Malaysia, Eswaran grew up in a modest yet highly-educated family. His family always instilled in him the importance of hard work and maintaining strong family ties.

Eswaran funded his college education by driving a cab during the day. After graduating from the London School of Economics in 1984, he performed a number of odd jobs around Europe. Eswaran finally made it to the shores of the U.S. in 1986. During his time in the U.S., he learned more about MLM (multi-level-marketing) and graduated with an MBA from the University of Southern Illinois.

In 1998, Eswaran moved back to the Philippines and established QI Group. Headquartered in Hong Kong, the multinational corporation currently has operations in 30 countries. Eswaran used his expertise in multilevel marketing to grow a network of entrepreneurs. It didn’t take long for QI Group to become one of the largest and successful direct selling group in Asia and the Middle East.

Over the years, Eswaran has worked to diversify his businesses. Some of his other investments include real estate, hospitality, and education. A portion of the company proceeds is also set aside for philanthropic efforts.

Eswaran established Quest International University Perak in 2011. The university, with over 1,600 students, ensures that all enrollees receive an affordable education.

In 2005, Eswaran founded the RYTHM Foundation to help special needs children in Asia, Africa, and the Middle East. Thousands of learning disabled children have been the beneficiaries of the foundation’s services.

Eswaran has also established a number of programs to empower women. Women should be the number one economic priority, according to Eswaran.

“Statistics show the enormous pay gap between men and women. It also shows how businesses doom themselves in areas of profitability and competitiveness when the contributions of women are non-existent,” says Eswaran.

Eswaran has authored six award-winning books: In the Sphere of Silence (2005), In the Thinking Zone (2010), 18 Stepping Stones (2011), On the Wings of Thought (2011), Two Minutes From the Abyss (2013).

When not lecturing and promoting his products globally, Eswaran lives in Hong Kong with his wife of 28 years, Umayal.

Raffaele Riva on Achieving Success Through a Passion to Help People

Ask anyone in Italy who Raffaele Riva is, and the answer might vary according to the group you pose the question towards. To the business sector, Riva is a serial entrepreneur; to the financial world, he is an accounting professional; and to bankers and wealth managers, he is an investment expert.

The most interesting part about this phenomenon is that all of these descriptors fit Raffaele Riva to a T. His various business ventures have earned him the title of being a serial entrepreneur, while his Dottore Commercialista degree from the Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore in Milan makes him a Public Accountant. On the other hand, his foray in wealth management, trust investment and related sectors cement his reputation as an investment expert.

Seeing that not everyone can boast of holding several titles like this, Raffaele Riva has established a certain place for himself in the business and investment sector. His success is not limited to having a popularity in Italy. The businessman’s many affiliated ventures also operate in other regions, namely North America, Central America, South America, Western Europe, and South Africa.

When you ask Raffaele Riva about how he obtained this level of success, the serial entrepreneur is quick to mention that it is due to his drive to learn new things, to approach his ventures with enthusiasm, and to make them work in order to benefit the end user. All of these qualities come together into developing ventures that are bound to scale according to expectations, which is something that Riva has established through demonstration.

Leading by the example of how actions speak louder than words, Raffaele Riva has followed the aforementioned principles to launch various ventures, especially during the period of 1997-2008. With the startups that Riva launched during that period, he channeled the qualities that he stands by today, and showed the world the success that his ventures achieved with him being front and center of their leadership.

The advocacy of these qualities and the proof to their actual effects are two of the many things that make Raffaele Riva a renowned entity in the current business sector. But Riva hasn’t stopped – and continues to operate among the industry with his various ventures.

How Russell Gimelstob Went From Tennis To Real Estate

He may have left it behind now but Russell Gimelstob was a famous tennis star during his formative years. It all started back in 1994 when he acquired his first racket and he quickly proved to be a tennis prodigy. His parents were particularly thrilled when he enrolled at their alma mater, Newark Academy, and became the captain of the tennis team when he was a sophomore. He practiced every day especially during the summers when he would train with Robert Lansdorp, one of the foremost experts on tennis in the united states of America. Clearly, all the practice he did was worth the while after he went on to win three championships in a row with his high school team and made first team all-state every year of high school.

However, he eventually had to graduate from high school and received numerous scholarship opportunities to play tennis at many prestigious schools but he ended up declining them all after visiting Cornell on a recruitment trip and meeting with head coach Barry Shoemaker. As one of the stars of the tennis team, he went on to compete in the national double’s tournament, became an academic all American and didn’t lose a single game throughout his entire sophomore season. When he finally reached senior status, he was selected to become the new team captain and he won a wide variety of other academic awards as well before having to graduate.

He did remain at the university for another year to pursue an MPA and then he went to work for Goldman Sachs as one of their financial analysts. After three years, he decided to leave the position so he could accept an offer to become an associate at Dune Real Estate Group. Seven years later, he received his first promotion after being made partner and eventually he went on to become their head of acquisitions and managing director. Additionally, he serves as a member of their investment committee and he has become an annual honoree for the Hebrew Academy for Special Children. He’s also a supporter of the Valerie Fund.