Privinvest Maintains Global Shipbuilding Prominence

The shipbuilding industry remains one of the more intriguing to study. Commercial vessels, naval warships, and superyachts require expert designers, engineers, manufacterers, and other professionals to come into existence. The quality level required at all levels of production must be exceptional. Otherwise, the company producing the ships won’t last long. Considering the millions, if not billions, of dollars at risk running a shipbuilding enterprise, the company must deliver. For nearly 30 years, Privinvest proved it can deliver incredible ships for a multitude of clients in 40 countries.

Privinvest manufactured 2,000 ships since its founding in 1990. Iskandar Safa, the company’s chief executive officer, co-founding the company with his brother Akram with plans on establishing one of the top shipbuilding companies in existence. Looking over the accomplishments of the Safas and Privinvest, it seems the two strived hard to achieve their goals. The company delivered cutting-edge naval vessels to many militaries around the globe while also producing superyachts for the mega-wealthy. Privinvest’s track record is impressive.

Iskandar Safa stands as the face of the company, and his leadership style helped drive Privinvest to prominence. Recently, the company produced the brilliant Sailing Yacht A at its Nobiskrug shipyard in Germany. Philippe Starck, a designer from France, came up with the idea and plans for Sailing Yacht A to meet the specifications of a billionaire buyer. With the completion and sale of Sailing Yacht A, Safa could proudly announced that two of the grandest superyachts in existence came from Privinvest’s yards. The other vessel, called Yas, went to a prominent buyer in the United Arab Emirates.

High-profile sales of this nature garner publicity for both Safa and Privinvest. Perhaps the publicity will lead to more high-profile contracts. Hopefully, the company will gain publicity for its marine renewable energy and media components, as well.