Raffaele Riva on Achieving Success Through a Passion to Help People

Ask anyone in Italy who Raffaele Riva is, and the answer might vary according to the group you pose the question towards. To the business sector, Riva is a serial entrepreneur; to the financial world, he is an accounting professional; and to bankers and wealth managers, he is an investment expert.

The most interesting part about this phenomenon is that all of these descriptors fit Raffaele Riva to a T. His various business ventures have earned him the title of being a serial entrepreneur, while his Dottore Commercialista degree from the Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore in Milan makes him a Public Accountant. On the other hand, his foray in wealth management, trust investment and related sectors cement his reputation as an investment expert.

Seeing that not everyone can boast of holding several titles like this, Raffaele Riva has established a certain place for himself in the business and investment sector. His success is not limited to having a popularity in Italy. The businessman’s many affiliated ventures also operate in other regions, namely North America, Central America, South America, Western Europe, and South Africa.

When you ask Raffaele Riva about how he obtained this level of success, the serial entrepreneur is quick to mention that it is due to his drive to learn new things, to approach his ventures with enthusiasm, and to make them work in order to benefit the end user. All of these qualities come together into developing ventures that are bound to scale according to expectations, which is something that Riva has established through demonstration.

Leading by the example of how actions speak louder than words, Raffaele Riva has followed the aforementioned principles to launch various ventures, especially during the period of 1997-2008. With the startups that Riva launched during that period, he channeled the qualities that he stands by today, and showed the world the success that his ventures achieved with him being front and center of their leadership.

The advocacy of these qualities and the proof to their actual effects are two of the many things that make Raffaele Riva a renowned entity in the current business sector. But Riva hasn’t stopped – and continues to operate among the industry with his various ventures.