Raffaele Riva – The Renaissance Man of Today

If you wonder who a man of success in business and in life is like and who he is from within, look no further than Swiss Italian investor and international entrepreneur, Raffaele Riva. He is the consummate man of success in what he does, his broad and sought-for-expertise and unquestionable perspective.

Raffaele Riva has businesses in Switzerland, Italy and the U.K. with partners as a senior executive in a multinational corporation with subsidiaries in Canada, Western Europe, South Africa and Latin America. Raffaele Riva does business around the world.

And with his expertise in putting together unique and relevant financial products and services, he has become the resource for his clients when it comes to asset management, real estate, estate and wealth planning, trusts and International investment and business.

As such, he has gained a substantial following as a known international figure inspiring many up-and-coming entrepreneurs and younger achievers in business to persist on their passion, believing in it and to keep learning from their efforts and from anywhere.

Raffaele Riva believes in taking constant action towards a vision above all others and just letting the journey provide the experiences anyone needs to take on the next step. Such a journey will necessarily require a lot of curiosity and humility to learn even from others, especially from those who are a step or two ahead. Raffaele Riva advocates for constant reading to learn and keeping tabs in technology and in the world.

Raffaele Riva shows such a passion in his ability to speak Italian, French and English fluently, in how he takes care of his marriage in spite of his busy schedule and his diverse interests like boating, skiing, auto racing and scuba diving. He walks among art and wine connoisseurs and enjoys his yacht at the Monaco Yacht Club and London Reform Club.

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