Raffaele Riva; white knight for startups

Raffaele Riva is a well-known name which is becoming more and more prominent in the angel investing scene of multiple startups. He started out as an entrepreneur himself and started a tech company back in 2006. He expanded this company in a proactive manner and sold it after a few years. This is when he turned his sights to the investment ventures. However, he was not much interested in the usual investment opportunities. He wanted to do something different in this field and as a result, he became an angel investor. An angel investor can be defined as an individual who is willing to supply the capital to risky startups. An angel investor invests in businesses which a normal venture investor would not touch with a ten-foot pole. However, due to his dedication towards his field and a high level of business acumen he managed to gather over the years as a businessman as well as an Oxford MBA, he has turned multiple dreams into realities. Raffaele Riva not only invests in new startups, but he also acts as a guiding light for the CEOs of the newly born companies and guides them in various aspects related to the different dynamics of the businesses. His work as an angel investor has attracted the attention of many different stakeholders in this field such as investment outlets in NYC and his contributions to the business markets have been recognized globally. The businesses he has invested in are also grateful to him as he helped them when no one was willing to, and as a result of his bright ideas and dedication, he has been able to push them to the realms of success. Over the years, Raffaele Riva has developed a habit of guiding the new CEOs by spending time with them and being with them every step along the way.