Responsible Gold Mining With Alec Sellem

When it comes to being a responsible gold-mining company, it is important to respect human rights and local societies. The Responsible Gold Mining Principles or the RGMPs was created by the World Gold Council from the UK.

This covers responsible gold-mining practices and research to create the current framework to allow investors to know exactly what to expect. These guidelines have been created by local governments, organizations, academics, and even the supply chain personnel to make sure that all parties are happy with the layout.Alec Sellem is the CEO and founder of Sellem Industries and is also a leader in the field.

His company is located in London and he took charge with the vision and partnerships of the energy conservation professionals. Before Alec Sellem started Sellem Industries he was always focused on technologies and securities. Helping with the RGMPs isn’t the only thing he’s done to ensure responsible gold-mining.

He has joined a panel at the United Nations Headquarters in New York. This panel is full of mining experts and they are focused on the effectiveness of current African law. The wellbeing and safety of local communities and employees of the mine is the top concern.

Alec Sellem wants to write a social license to show change. Gold mining, if done properly can improve the economics and the lives of the citizens of the area. Other than the economic growth there are improved roads, plumbing, and electricity for the communities.

60% of the countries that have gold mines are impoverished, so the mining jobs often support many dependants. Part of being responsible about gold mining is to take into account that gold mines could fund unlawful people such as a country in the middle of a civil war. The foreign aid of the gold mines have been higher than development assistance since 2010.

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