Sharon Prince Hopes for a Better World

Since Grace Farms opened in October 2015, it has played host to a variety of performances from many distinguished artists. Carrie Mae Weems is one of those distinguished artists, and she put on a performance that touched on the violence that people regularly experience in their lives.

Carrie Mae Weems Has Long Contemplated Her Relationship With Violence

Weems has been creating content for about three decades that focuses on issues such as power imbalances in society and sexism. She also contemplates how social injustice is codified and allowed to remain in place through systems that people have created. Those themes are some of the same ones that Grace Farms was designed to contemplate.

Grace Farms Devotes Itself to Five Core Values

Grace Farms seeks to solve problems through faith, community and artistic expression. Founder Sharon Prince Grace Farms believes that this can help people define justice and seek it in their own lives as well as in their communities. Grace Farms itself is essentially an open nature preserve in which people can forge relationships by expressing themselves and listening to others do the same.

Grace Farms Seeks to Help Both People and Animals

At Grace Farms, the goal is to help both people and animals escape the perils of violence and trafficking. This is done largely by educating people about those perils and why they exist in the world. Carrie Mae Weems mentioned that it is difficult to ignore the forces that create the conditions for violence and slavery once you have seen them.

About Sharon Prince

Sharon Prince is the founder of the Grace Farms Foundation, which was created in 2009. She went to the University of Tulsa to pursue both her undergraduate degree and MBA. Furthermore, she has hosted several convening events that have focused on violence against women throughout the world.

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