Steve Lesnard Trailblazing as the New Global VP of Marketing for The North Face

Steve Lesnard has recently become The North Face’s Global Vice President of Marketing. His career background is most notably his time at a major sporting brand where he was also VP and manager of its running department. During this time he made significantly industry-changing marketing advances resulting in more than $5 billion for the company. In particular among these advances were two campaigns centered on the Olympics and headed marketing for Europe and taking the company to the forefront in athletics brands worldwide.

Steve Lesnard was brought onto The North Face specifically to manage the introduction of the new FUTURELIGHT protective material, made with the technologically-advanced nanospinning process and designed to be lightweight, dry and flexible. Lesnard pursued his career based on his love for nature and his personal interest in outdoorsmanship and all manner of athletics, including snowboarding, running, kite surfing and biking. He considers sports a universal language, which his marketing campaigns can engage in.

Steve Lesnard bases his ideas on three principles: having a clear understanding of the idea, know who you’re selling to and being able to describe how the product will benefit the user. After that comes determining how to produce it. One of the most exciting new advances in marketing, according to Lesnard, is scalable personalization, which processes volumes of consumer data and makes personalized service possible across a wide consumer base. Lesnard advises staying curious, engaging across all aspects of the cultural spectrum and always achieving greatness by taking on unknown ventures.