Omar Boraie of Atlantic City Shares His Sucess Secrets

Omar Boraie is a very successful New Jersey real estate developer. He has many tips for success that include studying the competition, learn accounting, learn how to sell your product, be patient, don’t forget to learn about proper customer service, and adjust the way you do business. Try a new way of presenting your business by offering new products and services. Be productive and busy. Omar Boraie is presenting a new way to sell services by offering Showboat Hotel apartments. In 2016, the Showboat Casino had reopened as a hotel. This redevelopment in Atlantic City will make the seaside resort a better place to live and bring in the middle class. Boraie wants to cater to the customer’s needs by offering them different size apartments from studio size to two-bedroom rentals at a weekly fee under $2,500, furnished, that includes parking and use of the gym.

Unfurnished apartments are available at annual rates. Casino employees are welcomed to move into the Showboat apartments. Omar Boraie wants to build homes for singles, couples, families, roomates, retirees, etc. Boraie started real estate development company in 1972. He was an Egyptian immigrant with a Ph.D in chemistry. He patiently started with small realestate investments. He’s studied real estate trades to learn how to run the real estate development business. When Omar Boraie immigrated to the United States from Egypt in 1970, he worked as a real estate partime. Boraie worked full-time at Kimberly-Clark in New Brunswick, N.J. where they make personal care products.

Steve Lesnard Trailblazing as the New Global VP of Marketing for The North Face

Steve Lesnard has recently become The North Face’s Global Vice President of Marketing. His career background is most notably his time at a major sporting brand where he was also VP and manager of its running department. During this time he made significantly industry-changing marketing advances resulting in more than $5 billion for the company. In particular among these advances were two campaigns centered on the Olympics and headed marketing for Europe and taking the company to the forefront in athletics brands worldwide.

Steve Lesnard was brought onto The North Face specifically to manage the introduction of the new FUTURELIGHT protective material, made with the technologically-advanced nanospinning process and designed to be lightweight, dry and flexible. Lesnard pursued his career based on his love for nature and his personal interest in outdoorsmanship and all manner of athletics, including snowboarding, running, kite surfing and biking. He considers sports a universal language, which his marketing campaigns can engage in.

Steve Lesnard bases his ideas on three principles: having a clear understanding of the idea, know who you’re selling to and being able to describe how the product will benefit the user. After that comes determining how to produce it. One of the most exciting new advances in marketing, according to Lesnard, is scalable personalization, which processes volumes of consumer data and makes personalized service possible across a wide consumer base. Lesnard advises staying curious, engaging across all aspects of the cultural spectrum and always achieving greatness by taking on unknown ventures.


How Maurício Mendonça Godoy’s Innovation Has Shaped the Oil Brazilian Oil Sector

Maurício Mendonça Godoy is a diligent leader in the Brazilian shipbuilding sector. Petrobas, a Brazilian public oil powerhouse honored the EBR, Estaleiros do Brazil as the best supplier in the industry. The company has reached its status through the professional development strategies executed by Godoy, the President. In his acceptance remarks, Maurício termed the recognition as an indication of the firm’s growth. Godoy reiterated that the firm has laid down procedures that would improve productivity in the future. Some of the strategies include the hiring of talented staff members that have the company at heart.

According to Maurício Mendonça Godoy, the completion of the FPSO P-74 project proved that the firm had gained significantly in its project management plans. It specializes in floating production and transferring of the products. The project located at São José do Norte, Rio Grande do Sul has the capability of producing 150,000 barrels daily, an improvement to the company’s daily production. Godoy’s unmatched professionalism in the industry led to his appointment to the ABEMI, Brazilian Association of Industrial Assembly Engineering’s board of Directors. The association brings together various engineering firms across Brazil. Maurício Mendonça Godoy represents Brazilian SETAL, and of Japanese TOYO engineering, the joint ventures of Estaleiros do Brazil in the association’s board. The collaboration of EBR and TOYO engineering has improved the latter’s management, technology, and resources expertise.

Estaleiros do Brazil made a debut in the country’s energy industry by building the Uberaba fertilizer plant located at Mina Gerais. Petrobas awarded EBR the contract that marked the first Godoy’s achievement as the company’s Chief Executive Officer. Before joining EBR, Estaleiros do Brazil, Maurício Mendonça Godoy served as the COO, Chief Operations Officer of SOG, SOG Óleo e Gás SA. The Brazilian oil firm collaborated with TOYO and became Setal, later renaming to Estaleiros do Brazil. His academic excellence and professional customer service expertise are some of the factors behind his admirable success. Godoy pursued mechanical engineering at Presbiteriana University before advancing his business management expertise at the Harvard’s School of Business. Maurício continues to invest in training the company’s staff members and modern technology, among other strategies that would improve the company’s output.

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Serge Belamant`s Journey to Success in Financial Digital Products

Serge Belamant studied computer science and applied mathematics at Witwatersrand University. He is very passionate about the subject, and this prompted him to major in digital financial services. He found it necessary to study information systems via UNISA. His area of expertise is the generation of coded software, which facilitates safe digital financial transactions. His ambitions have seen him through progressive success in his career. Serge Belamant founded Blockchain Technologies, which is one of the leading companies in offering digital banking. He is also the founder of Net1 UEPS Technologies, Inc. which basically oversees how universal payment systems work.

In 1995, Belalmant got into partnership with VISA, and this resulted in the development of the Chip Offline Pre-authorized Card (COPAC). This innovation has been used worldwide for most digital banking services. In 1999, Belamant invented a digital payment system that was meant for payment of grants to the poor in South Africa. The system has been adopted by various countries with different levels of economic development where it has been very useful. Recently, Serge Belamant and his son Philip co-founded Zilch Technologies; a tech firm based in the United Kingdom. This company is focused on providing the young generation with financial services that correspond to the trending lifestyle and also help them manage cash flow wisely. According to Serge Belamant, every innovative idea is feasible.

One is only required to break down the concept into various components and analyze them critically. This helps in determining the success rate of the idea. He also tends to identify the core cause of a problem and design a solution. This eventually turns out to be a source of entrepreneurial idea, which has greatly attributed to his success. The talented entrepreneur feels that a flexible mind, passion, and self-confidence are critical factors that every individual requires to achieve success. As a chess player, Belamant he believes that strategy in entrepreneurship is inevitable. He believes that creativity can be implemented to improve the output of the accounting and legal fields. There are, thus, a lot more of existing opportunities to venture into with the aim of improving digital financial services.

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