Talos Energy Leads In The Oil And Gas Products Industry.

Talos energy was founded in 2012, and Timothy S. Duncan is the Chief Executive Officer who has dedicated himself to ensuring that the company expands all its activities all over Mexico. Talos Energy is recognized as a top independent oil and gas exploring and Production Company in Gulf of Mexico. The company has hired a team of experts with over a decade of experience. Talos focuses on acquiring, exploiting, exploring and recovering all the resources which were previously thought to be unreachable. Their area of focus is in the Gulf of Mexico and the Gulf Coast region. The partnership with Apollo Global Management and Riverstone Holdings led to the formation of Talos as they aimed at buying assets in the Gulf of Mexico regions.

Talos company has ventured in other business development activities including JV`s and firm where they own 10.2 million acres of land to optimize the economics of their transactions. Talos Energy has also managed to build other exploration facilities in Phoenix and Gryphon with the help of the top management team which delivers significant returns to their investors. Talos acquired Louisiana- based Stone Energy in a merger worth around $2 billion. The merger enabled Talos Company to become a public corporation which has already traded in the New York Stock Exchange using “TALOˮ stock ticker. The combined company has its headquarters in Houston even though the Stone Energy company offices in New Orleans and Lafayette operates as usual.

According to Timothy Duncan, a merger is a form of consolidating the offshore energy sector which has not been doing well since 2014 when the oil and gas prices crashed. Timothy also says that Talos is a unique company since it can thrive in the overlooked areas, this is evident with the acquisition of Stone Company which gave Talos a path to become public. Talos Energy Company also succeeds in the Mississippi Canyon of the Gulf of Mexico.

Talos launched a Zama discovery Off Mexico in 2013 which has set a legacy after winning some of the first Offshore bids in Mexico`s Energy reform process. The Zama discovery opened offshore blocks to foreign investors.

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