The Best Company Investment is in Its Employees, Says Angela Koch

Buying coins made out of precious metals like silver and gold has been a sound investment for quite some time, provided the distributor is backed by government assurances like U.S. Money Reserve, Angela Koch, their CEO, has handled a few hundred thousand transactions, and that was only possible because she has a workforce ready to meet any challenge.

When it comes to her employees, Koch wants them to feel both responsible and in command of their role, that they are there to do more than just sell. That entails a hands-off approach that allows her to step back so each employee can decide how to function, a move that has increased productivity for the company.

Before she was a corporate executive, Koch left her college studies behind to become a mother. While her husband started off his career in pro gold, she was the primary provider for the family. A bevvy of responsibility and an incomplete education placed a great deal of pressure on her. Koch was unsure of what to do next. Read more: US Money Reserve | BBB and US Money Reserve | Glassdoor

Koch took on several jobs. She decided that it was important to her to master each one. Regardless of how limited the role may have appeared, she collected as much information about it that she could find, devoured it, and used it to advance her standing. Despite her dedication, there didn’t seem much room for career advancement, and fewer still were options pointing towards something better.

What these many jobs did for Koch was place her at KLA-Tencor. Running meteorology systems and computational analytics, she transitioned into the strategic business development division, handling acquisitions and mergers.

There she learned about running a business and developing strategies. Those are skills she displayed for her mentor, a rancher who produced Kobe beef. He asked her if she had the confidence to get the ranch a certification that shows their cattle was hormone-free.

Koch didn’t intend to become a rancher, but this career pivot was something she approached with the same seriousness as every job that came before. Learning about an entirely new industry, making it her own, and appealing to customers and business partners made her confident that she could do this at the executive level.

No longer a rancher, Koch went to work for U.S. Reserve and worked her way up the company ladder to become CEO. Years on, her system takes sales, marketing, and the ERP system to make the customer experience with information that can empower those employees.

What’s next for Koch? Corporate expansion. Koch is motivating her employees to be more confident in the steps they take in their daily roles. This entails a good separation between work and life, a better understanding of their strengths, and openness to collaboration.

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