The Famed Luxury And Higher-End Consumer Goods Retailer Gump’s Is Starting Back Up Soon – Can You Believe It?


The United States has managed to maintain the number-one spot out of the world’s roughly 192 internationally-recognized countries in terms of annual gross domestic product, the leading measure used to determine the dollar value of the total economic output of a country, state, city, or region. Go To This Page for more information.

As such, people living in the United States – in general, that is, as not literally everybody has a wad of cash in their front pockets at all times, ready to spend relentlessly and without any second thoughts.

One of the nation’s most popular single retail stores is Gump’s. The upscale retailer focuses on any and all types of goods that modern department stores would have, though Gumps’ has long had a noticeable affinity toward ultra-high-end clothing, jewelry, and apparel – as well as furniture and less-expensive knick-knacks, odds-and-ends, and other forms of decorations that scream, “This is home!”


The Origin of Gump’s

Like so many other new businesses in the 1800s, Gump’s – which was created in 1861 – was formed by immigrants who had just recently, a few months prior to first stepping off the boat that transported them from Europe to the land of widespread economic opportunity, to be exact.

The two brothers who founded Gump’s initial location in San Francisco, California, were Gustave and Solomon Gump, hence the name of the eponymous store. They founded it at just the right time, as prospectors had widely flocked from the rest of the U.S. – as well as from around the world for solely this reason – to take part in the historic California Gold Rush, which meant the city of San Francisco’s long-term inhabitants and transient prospectors alike brought so very much money to stimulate the local economy. See Related Link for additional information.

Gump’s closed momentarily in December 2018, though it’ll be starting back up soon in both of its historical locations – in San Francisco and in New York City, New York.