The Iconic Lawyer in Mergers and Acquisitions, Jeremy Goldstein

It is undoubtedly that Jeremy Goldstein has dramatically impacted the corporate world as a specialist in mergers and acquisitions. He has, over the years, amassed a lot of knowledge and experience in mergers and acquisitions in all fields. The talented expert has assisted many companies and institutions in forming very successful alliances. Among the significant acquisitions that Jeremy Goldstein has spearheaded include representing J.P. Morgan Chase in acquisitions. He helped the Time Warner to buy AT&T, and the acquisitions of South African Breweries, Sears, and Alltel.

Jeremy Goldstein has become a favorite choice for many institutions in that field. The corporate lawyer works hard to equip himself with a broad experience in other sectors like commercial banking, corporate finance, and managerial governance. His aggressiveness in personal development has enriched him immensely until he is a representation of many specialties when engaged: He is a “team” by himself.

While leading negotiations, Jeremy Goldstein advises that the contract that is to be entered into, should be in tandem with the agreement the parties involved have reached. It should champion the spirit of the deal negotiated. As he works, Goldstein ensures that the complex contacts that parties sign are legally sound and notes that lawyers like him are so crucial to determine this. The lawyers evaluate the negotiated terms to ascertain whether they are feasible.

In his expertise, Jeremy accelerates the process of agreeing so that the contracts are actuated. He foresees the danger of the involved parties becoming distracted from the negotiations and engaging in different activities if they take longer. This input makes many negotiations that he handles to see succeed, unlike many which fail.

Jeremy Goldstein is also a consultant to CEOs of companies. He guides the CEOs while making many decisions in companies like helping them to set up proper legal structures when they are expanding or changing their operations. In that case, Goldstein advises the CEOs in their governance to avoid picking unnecessary lawsuits that may result due to managerial negligence. He assists them to delegate duties effectively as per the laws of the land to prevent possible consequences of violation of the law.

As he works with the clients, Goldstein serves them informally as friends. He is against the way that most attorneys work with clients, so formally. Jeremy Goldstein begins by getting clients from social events, parties, and such then builds a very close relationship with them as they work. This assists them in exploring more opportunities than what is at hand. He discourages that attorney that handles cases with a view of just getting paid. When he formally gets a client, Jeremy starts by being informal at the beginning by speaking of his personal life to make the relationship casual. Having a friendly relationship has helped him stay with the clients for a long time.

Though a renowned corporate lawyer, the journey to the top has not been so easy for Jeremy Goldstein. He once worked for other law firms before starting his firm that has made him achieve a lot in his career.


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