The OSI Group in Germany Shares Hamburger Secrets of McDonalds

There are several interesting things you can learn from the OSI Group because they are responsible for making some of the famous McDonald’s hamburgers. The OSI Group in Germany had a plant tour that took guest through the entire hamburger making process.

Before you even show up for the tour, there are several things you should know. For one thing, no jewelry is allowed in the meat processing area, and individuals are also not permitted to bring in plastic gadgets, such as pens. If you need a writing utensil to take notes with during the tour, you can use a clipboard and a metal writing device. Near the end of the tour you find out why metal is okay but not plastic. One of the final inspections is with a metal detector, so if you accidentally lose your pen, you might get it back. A final thing you should know before heading to OSI Group is that no one is allowed to work or probably go on the tour if they have any type of GI distress. If anyone is ill, they must get a clean bill of health before heading back to work.

These are just a few of the safety nets put in place at the plant. There are many inspectors there at each point in the process, but along with inspectors, there is high-end machinery that takes care of smaller details. For example, the grinder is so fine if any fragments of bone get through the bone inspection process, the grinder will eliminate them.

Shaping the patties is also done by equipment. This ensures complete uniformity at every restaurant. Other steps that are in place to ensure consistency is random cooking and taste testing of the meat. The meat is cooked on the same grill that is used in all of the restaurants. Besides uniformity, it is checked for flavor and texture.

Once the McDonald’s hamburger patties have completed all the inspections and have been confirmed to be uniform, they are frozen and boxed up and shipped out. At this German plant, the distribution department is conveniently located across the parking lot.

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