Who is Sergey Petrossov?

SERGEY PETROSSOVThey are known as the Uber of private charter flights, and he is the mind behind them. He is Sergey Petrossov, and they are JetSmarter, but defining who this young and successful businessman is may not be so easy.

He is an innovator, evidenced by his strategic insight and employment of technology via a mobile app in the private jet charter industry. A move that has witnessed his privately-owned company JetSmarter grow from 50 employees in 2015 to more than 260 in just two short years.

He is a creator, which is revealed by his creation of what is essentially an entirely new line of brokerage. Petrossov’s brokerage techniques are creating ways for private jets to maximize available hours and use available charter space in new ways.

Last but not least, Sergey Petrossov is an entrepreneur at heart. He has already founded or successfully co-founded multiple startups as proof of this, but JetSmarter is his crowning achievement thus far. As a privately-owned company valued at $1.5 billion, Petrossov and his company JetSmarter are in rarified air.

This Moscow born and American-raised businessman isn’t done either, and his vision for JetSmarter is far greater than what we’ve already seen, and what we have already seen in a few short years from his company is more than impressive. With offices in continents around the world and flights covering the globe, it looks as if the sky is literally the limit for JetSmarter and its founder.


Who is Sergey Petrossov? Well, that might depend on who you are and when you met him. He could have been that guy with a new innovative idea for a company. Maybe you might have known him as that creative co-founder who was always looking for the unseen angle or better way to get something done?

He is Sergey Petrossov, the smart and successful founder and owner of JetSmarter – and he is an entrepreneur at heart.