Why Herbalife Iced Coffee is the Future

The world loves coffee. Coffee is one of the most consumed beverage. Iced coffee is one of the fastest growing coffee niches due to the high consumption rate. It is, however, one of the many ways consumers take in unhealthy sugars and calories. This month, however, Herbalife Nutrition has given all the lovers of iced coffee a healthier alternative to the typical iced coffee. Mocha High Protein is not only a nutritious brand of iced coffee but is also one of the best-tasting coffee brands.


The coffee industry, which is estimated to be more than $38 Billion, is home to diversity and massive competition. The Mocha High Protein proves to be the head of time in the way this product is designed. First, the company reduces the sugar levels per unit intake without compromising the excellent taste of the iced coffee. Besides, the company gives the consumer 15 grams of proteins in their coffee per every single serving. These ingredients are without the artificial flavors that are present in many coffee brands. The main intention according to the company is not only to give the consumers an excellent refreshing product but also a healthy coffee product.


With natural preparation methods, it is correct to state that Mocha High Protein is the future of iced coffee. The coffee gives the consumer value for money, and this is consistent with the company’s 39 years old philosophy. With the 60% of the population in the USA consuming coffee, the product will change the way consumer view their coffee mugs. Consumer change is an expectation from the younger generation of the coffee consumers that are inclined to well-thought products without putting their health to jeopardy.


The reason why Herbalife Nutrition as the company continues to be a trendsetter in the fast-growing nutritional market is the level of research the company does. Being a company (that is consumer-centered); it is always in search of products that are healthy without necessarily being bitter. With the knowledge of the importance of research and good health, Herbalife Nutrition is one of the few companies to have a fully functioning research center. Over 300 well-trained scientists ensure that consumer health is a priority.


Herbalife Nutrition is also home to over eight thousands employees worldwide. With many functional outlets across the globe, the company is one of the fastest growing companies with approximate $4.4 billion in sales. With this high revenue, the company sponsors different initiatives around the globe and one of them being athletes.